One of the main Benefits of Mobile Tire Service is that it provides a convenient and efficient solution for commercial fleets in need of tire repairs or replacements. With a mobile service provider on call, fleet managers can quickly get the assistance they need, without the need to travel to a physical tire shop. This not only saves time, but it also minimizes the downtime of the fleet, allowing them to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Almost every commercial fleet has experienced the need for mobile tire service at some point in their operation. Having a mobile service provider on call to help repair or replace damaged tires, is an incredibly beneficial service that every fleet manager must have easy access to. 

If you’re interested in discovering the Benefits of Mobile Tire Service for your commercial fleet, reach out to STTC today. Our team can provide you with information about our national network of TIA-certified tire technicians who are available to offer immediate roadside assistance. Contact us with any questions you may have, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Here are five reasons investing in mobile tire service benefits your business. 

1. Improves Safety 

A mobile tire service brings the service center to your truck, instead of trying to drive the truck to the service center when it is malfunctioning and risky. Drivers won’t have to operate a truck that is unsafe to drive, nor will they need to try and fix something without proper equipment. 

2. Decrease Down Time 

As a truck driver, there’s probably nothing more frustrating than mechanical breakdowns resulting in downtime. Our mobile tire service comes to your truck, so there’s no wasted time looking for a service center and going off route. We do everything we can to get your truck back on the road within two hours of your call. This keeps your fleet drivers productive and ensures their peace of mind. 

3. Reduce Expenses 

Although you’re paying a contract fee for a mobile tire service, it can actually be more affordable than paying for each service individually. You’ll get service discounts and help maintaining your fleet to stay functional and productive. Our simple billing and invoicing makes it easier to track your expenses. 

4. Prevent Vehicle Damage 

Driving on blown out tires is dangerous to other vehicles on the road as well as to the vehicle itself. With a mobile tire service, tires can be fixed where the truck breaks down, preventing further damage to the vehicle. With our on-site diagnostics, we can check any additional issues quickly to make sure the vehicle is fully road-ready and safe to operate. 

5. Offers Enhanced Customer Service 

Your customers may never know that you have a mobile tire service or even care that you have one, but they’ll know when you’re late. A mobile tire service is a convenience for your company that ensures you are offering the best customer service by getting deliveries completed on time without stress.  

What to Look for in a Mobile Tire Service Provider

When considering a mobile tire service provider for your commercial fleet, it’s essential to look for a provider who can offer the Benefits of Mobile Tire Service. The following are just some things to look for in an ideal mobile tire service provider:

  • Large network of highly trained tire technicians and mechanical experts
  • Large, geographically relevant fleet of well-stocked/equipped road service vehicles
  • Simple billing and invoicing for services rendered
  • Continuous status updates on your service request
  • TIA-certified tire technicians
  • Cost-effective contracted plans for added value

STTC is the ideal solution for commercial fleet managers looking for the Benefits of Mobile Tire Service. Our team of TIA-certified tire technicians and mechanical experts are well-equipped to provide fast and efficient roadside tire services, ensuring that your fleet can quickly get back on the road. With a network of over 250 mobile tire service vehicles located across more than 50 STTC locations, we’re always available to provide urgent tire-related assistance.

STTC for Your Mobile Tire Service Needs 

When you need professional tire services in a pinch, STTC has you covered. Our expert tire technicians have the skills and experience necessary to quickly and efficiently address your urgent tire issues on-site so that you can get back on the road in no time. Contact STTC today to find out how our mobile tire services can benefit your commercial fleet.

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to learn more about STTC’s mobile tire service and roadside assistance.


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