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When to Rotate Commercial Truck Tires?

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When to Rotate Commercial Truck Tires?

Ask any commercial fleet operator for their biggest expenses. The top three answers will be labor costs, fuel, and tires. One of the best ways to reduce commercial tire costs is preventative maintenance. Rotating tires on your commercial trucks helps prevent uneven wear, which helps improve how well the truck handles. It’s easier to handle corners when tire tread is even throughout all the tires. Braking is safer when the tires have even treads. The driver will also appreciate the smoother ride. 

How Often Should You Rotate Commercial Truck Tires? 

Not rotating your tires often enough can lead to safety issues but rotating too often can be costly and ineffective. Most tire specialists recommend rotating the tires when half of their tread life is gone.  They also advise that you should rotate steer tires side to side to even out the wear. Drive tires can be rotated in an “X” pattern, rotating side and axle, or rotated front to back. The thing to remember is to move the tires so each one gets a different outside edge. 

Extend the Lifespan of Your Commercial Tires 

Rotating your commercial tires helps extend their lifespan. Combined with good driving and taking care of your tires, you can get even more miles out of your tires. 

1. Check your tire pressure once a week. 

Improperly inflated tires cause undue wear and tear. Invest in a calibrated tire gauge that can give you accurate results. Check that your tire gauge is calibrated correctly against a master gauge. 

2. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Tire brands may differ on specified tire pressure. Don’t skip checking the tires. You might think you’re saving time, but it’s costing money. A tire that is 10% underinflated costs 1% in fuel economy. A 40% reduction in tire inflation reduces the tire life by 50%. 

3. Check axle alignment 

every 80,000 to 100,000 miles or when you change your steer tires. Proper alignment reduces tire wear. 

4. Avoid harsh braking. 

Not braking properly can lead to accidents and damages to your tires. 

Should You Rotate Your Commercial Truck Tires or Have Professionals Do It? 

A commercial truck tire and wheel weighs between 125 and 175 pounds. Rotating the tires not only takes time, but it will be a workout—and potentially, a dangerous one! You will need to plan how you are rotating the tires before you start removing any of them. Take one tire off. Then remove the tire you are switching it with. Swap those two tires before removing any other tires. As you remove each tire, inspect it for cracking, bubbling, or extensive wear.

Professional tire rotation can save you a great deal of time and prevent injuries to someone unaccustomed to heavy labor. STTC makes sure your tires are at their best, 365 days a year to help you keep your fleet on the road.  

Trust Our Team of Tire Specialists with Your Commercial Tires 

Let our team rotate and inspect your commercial tires. The STTC tire specialists can easily get the job done right and handle all your tire needs. 

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online for any type of emergency service or tire replacement and repair needs for your commercial fleet vehicles.

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