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Truck Tire Maintenance

Truck Repair Repairing Broken Semi Truck Tractor Engine. Caucasian Trucks Mechanic. Gas prices are at an all-time high, and millions of Americans are suffering. One of the better ways to get better gas mileage is to have a strong set of tires. Truck Tire Maintenance Service for Commercial Trucks. Getting your tires retreaded can help them last longer and reduce the amount of stress placed on your vehicle, allowing it to run more smoothly and not eat up as much gas. Retreads are custom-fit to each tire and smoothly grafted on with a strong adhesive to protect the inner tread. With the tire's new tread you are assured a smoother ride with a stronger grip on the road. Tire retreads have become a staple of the commercial truck tires industry as drivers have saved up to $2 billion dollars a year by opting for retreads as opposed to brand-new tires. The usage of tire retreads by these kings of the road proves their safety, security, and ability to work with almost any vehicle.

Truck Tire Maintenance Service for Commercial Trucks

STTC's custom fitting is how we are able to provide retreaded tires process to not only truckers, but for earthmover applications as well. Earthmover retreads are designed and custom-fit to each of your existing tires, just as commercial retreads are, so they provide exceptional support and stability on even the toughest of terrains. Getting your tires retreaded once their tread has worn off is one of the best ways to get more life out of your existing tires. Retreads can be custom-fit to almost any vehicle from commercial trucks to trailers to earthmovers, and they can help save your vehicle the strain of dealing with old, worn-out tires.