When you’re on a tight schedule, there’s probably nothing worse than breaking down on the road as a commercial truck driver. Whether you’re just across town or halfway across the country from your home base, it’s frustrating and inconvenient when you get a flat tire or need road service. A commercial roadside service plan is a necessity that can save a truck driver hours of time waiting for a tow. Fleet owners can save hundreds of dollars each year having a roadside assistance plan that can come to the aid of their drivers when a commercial vehicle breaks down.  


Benefits of a Commercial Roadside Assistance Plan 

A stranded commercial vehicle is a hazard on the road. It’s unsafe for the driver. Your business is losing money and time. The quicker you can get the truck back on the road, the happier everyone will be. A commercial roadside assistance plan offers many benefits to your fleet. 

  • Drivers Can Request Service Quickly 

The roadside assistance program offered by STTC uses an app to request help on the road. Instead of having to coordinate a tow truck through dispatchers, users can easily find the nearest place that can offer assistance based on the driver’s location. Fleet managers can also use the app to get help to operators. 

  • Make Mechanical Repairs on the Road 

Roadside service providers can usually handle minor mechanical problems on site instead of having to tow the truck to a service center. Although most roadside assistance programs offer emergency free or low-cost towing, getting a truck repaired where it sits takes less time. Your driver can get back to the schedule quicker. 

  • Jump Starts 

When a battery fails, your truck may simply need a jump start to get back on the road. Roadside assistance programs have a rapid response time to get the truck going again. The driver can take the truck to a service center to have the battery checked. 

  • Replacing a Tire 

Changing a regular tire on the side of a highway is dangerous. Commercial truck tires weigh over 200 pounds. When a tire on a commercial truck is damaged or flat, a driver may not be able to handle changing that tire under difficult circumstances. Many trucks don’t carry spares, either. With a road service plan, you can get the truck towed to the nearest service center to get the tire replaced quickly. 

  • Lower Operating Costs 

Commercial fleets often have higher repair and maintenance costs because of the extensive miles the trucks cover on the road each year. Breakdowns put a strain on delivery schedules and stress customer relationships. Road service plans can help keep repair costs within budget and reduce downtime, which makes customers happier. 


Ask STTC About Our Roadside Service Program 

The STTC roadside assistance program is available for your crew. We aim to get your truck back on the road within two hours of your call. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays. 

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to get more information about our road service program.


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