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Sales Promotions & Programs Service Tire Truck Centers exclusive promotions and programs allow customers to purchase Best In Class products and services with a "No Lose" Guarantee.

Top 10 Ways to Save Money this Year

  1. Michelin Advantage Program - National Account Program
  2. Yokohama Express National Account Program - easy way to sign up for a National Account
  3. Michelin Summer Surge Promotion - rebates on Michelin XOne products
  4. Goodyear Local Sell-Out Program - competitive pricing on premium products
  5. Goodyear End User and Evaluation Program - support prices to try Goodyear
  6. Truckers B2B Program - rebates on Goodyear products
  7. STTC MRT Promotion - evaluate Best In Class MRT Products
  8. STTC Platinum Casing Promotion - extend casing longevity with premium casings
  9. STTC Ready Rack Program - reduce in-house labor costs and ensure reliable tire/wheel component
  10. STTC Solid Tire and Ready Rack Foam Fill Program - zero downtime
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