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Earthmover Tires

STTC is just as qualified off the road as we are on it. Combine new earthmover tires from the world’s top manufacturers like Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama and Camso with a comprehensive retreading program, and you’ve got an earthmover tire solution guaranteed to get the job done. Additional earthmover service solutions include 24/7/365 preventative/emergency service, fleet inspections, and tire and inventory tracking.

As a full-service earthmover specialist, STTC can help you build confidence in your tires, so you can increase your equipment availability/performance, regularly deliver lower cost per hour/ton, and maximize tire durability..

All STTC earthmover specialists are MSHA-certified and have approved TWIC cards.

Earthmover Tires

What Our Customers Say About Us

21:32 04 Feb 22
BOB, Dante, and DON, we’re awesome truck came out great not the first time here trust worthy for sure and even got a hat
Sonjon DevineSonjon Devine
23:18 01 Jul 21
My driver had a flat tire on his trailer right after all places were closing for the evening. One place gave him the run but Service Tire Truck Center after hours team didn’t miss a beat. By the time I gave them the credit card and when the tire was fixed, only 40 minutes had passed! Unbelievable!It’s so nice to know there are companies out there that work hard especially after hours and when you are traveling out of state. Thank you!
Chris RodriguezChris Rodriguez
18:32 19 Mar 21
I received excellent service from these guys. They don’t slack like a lot places where they keep you waiting and overcharge you. Here, they fixed several issues I had on my Cascadia, even faster than originally expected. The cost for parts & labor were honest and fair. Also Don was great with his communication.Not much more one could ask for. I’d recommend them for sure. Thank you guys!
20:38 10 Dec 21
Place was great had me all fixed up and out the door very friendly staff it's my new tire shop
Bean JuelzBean Juelz
13:42 02 Oct 21
It was a smooth transaction.... the sales lady was professional and thorough... the two techs were swift and competent... two used tires 295/75R/22.5 with good thread depth $360... exactly what was quoted exactly what was paid... dont get no better than that... respect
Ken StarukKen Staruk
19:58 07 Jul 21
I had A leaky valve stem on the front tire of my motorhome.They took care of me within an hour or so.Very fast, very reasonable charge.Friendly and courteous service.I would definitely go there again with any tire need.
Dana OwensDana Owens
14:42 23 Jun 21
We did not have our car serviced here but we did stop here due to a sick dog. They came right out to help us and gave us the hose to clean our puppy. They were extremely nice and we were so thankful for their help!!
Tyler LaddenTyler Ladden
23:47 17 Mar 21
The service I along with the company I represent, has been beyond satisfactory. Loren and Tim helped the company save thousands of dollars with their knowledge and honesty. The counter staff, Sarah and Wayne have always been incredibly helpful and pleasant to deal especially during the most stressful and untimely occurrences. I give all the credit to their hard working road guys, they hear us calling and do their absolute best to arrive asap no matter what. Service Tire Auburn, you guys ROCK!

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Table of contents

New Tires

With decades of earthmover experience, STTC knows which tires work best for each earthmover industry, application, and equipment type. Whatever your equipment, whatever your goals, STTC will ensure that we match the right new tire with your needs, delivering optimal performance and the lowest possible operating cost.

New earthmover tire brands include Michelin, Polar, Yokohama, Goodyear, Double Coin and Solideal.



If flat tires are costing you time and money, earthmover flatproofing can help. Pumped into the tire through the valve stem, a liquid polyurethane polymer replaces all of the air in the tire and cures into a resilient, synthetic rubber core that completely eliminates faults. It works in any sound casing and adverse weather. To ensure that your equipment keeps running, STTC uses the highest-quality Foam-Fill from Arnco.


TyrFil from Arnco


Tire is completely flatproof


No tipovers due to sudden flats


Better ballast for steep hillsides or overload conditions


Longer tread life than the same tire filled with air


Better productivity—no lost wages due to downtime


No more tire repair costs


Once the tread is worn off, the casing can be retreaded


Foam-Fill is not for every application.


polar rubber

STTC relies on today’s most advanced retreading process to deliver premium-grade earthmover retreads. All STTC retreads are certified and warrantied.

STTC utilizes Polar Rubber for its earthmover retreading.


Initial Inspection

Each tire is hand-inspected to ensure that it meets STTC’s high retreading standards.



Buffing removes the old tread design, then trues the tire with utmost precision.



Any damaged tire areas are removed, allowing for the proper adhesion of new rubber.



The cementing process provides a tacking surface for the new rubber.



Plugging provides a uniform surface with which to apply the retread.



Computerized building ensures precise radius, diameter, and tread depth specifications.



The new tread is embedded into the tire and the tire is cured from the outside in.


Trimming & Painting

Any excess rubber is removed to create a clean, smooth finish and the tire is freshly painted.


Final Inspection

Each tire undergoes a rigorous final inspection. Only first-class retreads are shipped to our customers.

Tweel Retreading

Service Tire Truck Centers (STTC) announces the production of the 1st officially approved MRT tweel retread. STTC is the first and only Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT) dealer to utilize the MRT process and Michelin produced rubber to manufacture Tweel retreads. This is the only approved Tweel retread that meets the high quality standards set by MRT since the tread designs and compounds are the same as those produced for the new Tweel product lines.

The Tweel personnel at MRT have been working for over a year designing the retread to insure that the finished product is of the highest quality. The MRT project group worked closely with STTC’s Bethlehem retread plant last week to insure our technicians are properly trained to produce quality Tweel retreads.

“STTC is very excited to have worked with MRT to bring this approved Tweel retread to market. We believe customers will find value in being able to increase their return on investment on their Tweel cores by being able to find a quality retread that increases the core’s lifespan. This retread is another of the vast suite of products and services STTC brings to market that differentiates us from our competition” – Walt Dealtrey, CEO/President

Tweel Retreading

OTR Tire Repair


Monaflex Repair System

STTC utilizes the Monaflex Repair System for earthmover tire section repairs. A vulcanized repair system, Monaflex delivers 10 times more tensile strength than chemical tire repair and allows quick turnaround times.

All STTC tire repairs are backed by a full warranty.


24/7/365 Emergency Service

If you find yourself in need of emergency earthmover service, your solution is one phone call away! Simply call (877) 748-2825 and STTC’s entire service network is at your fingertips. Emergency service is guaranteed within two hours of your call—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Preventative Service

STTC’s preventative earthmover service program ensures proper tire PSI, tire mating, and tire rotations before equipment has to move. Performed by a staff of highly skilled MSHA-certified technicians, preventative service is available 24/7/365.


Fleet Inspections

Based on a thorough review of every piece of earthmover equipment in your fleet, STTC’s customized fleet inspection reports give you a comprehensive overview of your tire conditions. Fleet inspection reports include PSI compliance, tread percentages, tire mating, and overall tire condition.


OTR Tracking

OTR Tracking

OTRtracker is STTC’s proprietary program for OTR fleet inspections and tire asset management. This tool was developed by STTC with our customer’s input to assist the needs of our OTR customers.   The OTRtracker allows them higher visibility of their assets, access to a history of fleet inspections, and provides a total cost of ownership.

Every time a fleet inspection is completed all of the pertinent data is entered and saved into OTRtracker. A report providing an overview of the activity and highlighting wheel positions with concerns is created and can be sent to any interested party.



Service Tire Truck Centers is committed to providing a safe working environment for not only our own personnel, but also for everyone involved in our industry. STTC believes that an educated and trained service team results in higher productivity. Because of this, we employ three T.I.A. (Tire Industry Association) certified instructors, who train our entire Earthmover Service Department.

Each member of our Earthmover Team must complete STTC designed training focused on tire safety and management, the TIA Training and Certificate program, the MSHA Surface & Underground Mine Site Certification, and other manufacture-specific classes. Our team also participates with supplier compliance companies, such as Browz, PICS and ISNetworld, and is OSHA compliant.

STTC also partners with world-class tire manufacturers to offer accredited courses to not only the Earthmover Service Team, but also our customers. We believe that educating our customers helps give on-site personnel the ability to recognize tire issues before they cause a delay or expense to the operation. Our dedication to safety and training helps us better manage customers’ tire needs leading to higher productivity and better operating costs.

Earthmover safety

Maximize The Return On Your Commercial Truck Tire Investment

Install Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Perform Regular Wheel Balancing

Wheel Reconditioning, as needed

STTC Tire Services