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The Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Retread Service

Retread Tires

Choose STTC for top-quality retread tires. Our retreads deliver the same performance as new tires at a fraction of the cost.

Why Retread Tires?


Retreaded truck tires represent a savings of over $2 billion each year for North American trucking and transportation companies.

Tire Management

For most fleets, tires represent the 3rd largest item in their operating budget, right after labor and fuel costs and the lowest possible cost-per-mile is achieved with a good tire management program that includes the use of high-quality retreads.

retread tires

Retreads are environmentally friendly. It takes over 22 gallons of oil to manufacture one new truck tire. It takes only 7 gallons of oil to produce a retread.


Retreads are the replacement tire of choice for every large national fleet. Additionally, retreads represent 50% of the replacement tire market for USA.


Retreads are not only cost-effective, they are dependable, reliable, and safe. Retreads are used by truckers from every operation, long haul, regional, off/on road, urban, and severe applications.

Economic Benefits of Tire Retreading

There are many benefits to purchasing retread tires and retreading worn casings. These benefits include: reduced fuel consumption, improved steering and overall better handling, better braking, reduced brake dust, reduced vibration, better highway mileage, increased safety, fewer tire-related service calls, lower price, and better overall quality performance.

Lower Cost Per Mile

A retread tire costs on average 0.001 cents per mile compared with a new tire that costs on average 0.0023 cents per mile over its lifetime.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Retread tires offer superior fuel efficiency compared with lower quality foreign-made new tires.

Lower Cost Per Tire

The retread tire costs about $150 to $200 less per tire than the average new tire, helping growing fleets reduce their capital investments significantly and improve their initial investment with high quality casings.

Environmental Benefits of Tire Retreading

Limits the number of tires in landfills

The number of tires now in landfills stands at over 800 million. Re-using tires before they are scrapped will help reduce the landfill impact by a factor of three to four. Each retreaded commercial truck tire keeps 100 lbs. of waste materials out of local landfills and allows companies to support their environmental initiatives.

Reduction in oil use

One new tire requires 22 gallons of oil to produce, whereas retread tires need only 7 gallons. In other words, when a company chooses retread tires instead of buying new tires, they save 15 gallons of oil per tire.

A thriving industry

Tire retreading is a mature and growing industry, both in the United States and across the globe. Based on the studies, 13 million tires are retreaded annually in the United States.

Michelin Retread Technologies Process

There’s a reason STTC uses MRT—no other inspection and retread process utilizes Michelin new-tire technology, materials, and quality standards to deliver genuine Michelin performance. Retreads built using the MRT process are the first and only retreads built with:

Michelin new-tire fuel efficiency with “No Compromise” traction and handling means:
Michelin new-tire tread designs and tread rubber compounds means:
Michelin precision means:

The Oliver Retread Tires Process

STTC is proud to be an authorized Oliver dealer. Oliver is America’s 1st retread rubber brand with more than 100 years of experience. The Oliver retread process offers exclusive features that enhance traction and durability and deliver consistent results you can count on.

Retread Tire FAQ’s

One debate that never seems to settle in the commercial trucking industry is choosing new tires or retreading tires when it’s time for a replacement. Both offer fleet managers their own set of benefits and understanding the pros and cons of each will allow you to make a more informed decision when it comes to your repair and maintenance budget. Also the application and placement on the vehicle (steering, drive, trailer, etc.) may determine whether retreads are a viable choice.

Six years of operational performance makes a tire “old,” but there is no specific age at which a tire cannot be retread. The tire retreading company will conduct an in-depth inspection to determine its current condition. This inspection includes analyzing all potential failure points for the tire and testing whether its structure is strong enough to allow for the retreading to be completed.

It is possible to retread a commercial truck tire casing multiple times, assuming the casing passes stringent inspection requirements. Many manufacturers warranty their tires for three retreads assuming there has not been any damage due to the fleet’s operation like sever scuffing, underinflation, or large punctures.

Many commercial fleet operators use tire retreading because retreads offer optimal tire wear, superior traction, and safety for the vehicle at a lower cost. To highlight this point, government agencies often choose retread tires for ambulances and fire trucks, which require the highest level of protection and performance. The data shows that bald tires and underinflated tires are the likeliest cause of tire-related accidents, so proper tire maintenance is always of the utmost importance.

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