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Retreads: Dispelling The Myths

Choose STTC for top-quality retread tires. Our retreads deliver the same performance as new tires at a fraction of the cost.

Why Retreaded Tires Are a Trusted Choice for Truckers and Transportation Companies

Over the years, many myths have evolved regarding retreaded tires. Despite the facts, however, individuals still believe these myths and have many fears about purchasing and running retreads. Let STTC eliminate some of these concerns and clarify the reasons why so many truckers and transportation companies rely on retreads as their replacement tire of choice.

Dispelling the Myths of The Tire Retreading

Myth 1: Retreads are not safe or not as safe as new tires.
Myth 2: The road is cluttered with rubber from retreads.
Myth 3: Retreads do not have quality and safety requirements.