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The brands Service Tire Truck Centers carries

Michelin commercial tires


Is the leader in tire technology and design. They have an extensive line up of tread designs and rubber compounds meaning they have a tire for every trucking application. They warranty their tires for 3 retreads, 7 years, and 700,000 miles.

coopertires commercial tires

Cooper Roadmaster

We have been very impressed with improvements made with the Cooper Roadmaster line. Their flagship tires have been tested against and out-performed major brands such as Michelin and Bridgestone for some operations. Their casing is warrantied and we suggest this line for more economical approaches to getting a quality tire that will prove itself with a long run out and lasting value.

Yokohama commercial truck tires


Is a bit more specialized and economical, but their premier steer and drive products are among the best on the market. This brand is backed by a two retread warranty meaning that the tire and casing provide lasting value to the owner.

Goodyear commercial truck tires


Produces top tier products and has a similar warranty as Michelin tires. Goodyear also has a wide range of innovative products for every application that are backed by substantial warranties.

bfgoodrich commercial tires near me


Is owned and manufactured by Michelin with the same machinery used in the production of Michelin tires. The casings have a 2 retread warranty and their tread designs are newer iterations of time tested designs. This is a more economical approach to a value driven tire.

Double coin tires

Double Coin

Double Coin’s line of truck and bus radial tires is an economical choice for tire value and performance. We are happy to have them in our lineup.

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Commercial Truck Tires FAQ’s

Tire longevity is dependent on these factors; the fleet’s operation, geography of operation, and miles driven per year.  Garbage haulers might get six months of life from their tires while long haul and regional over the road fleets might get two or three years.  If there are visible signs of degradation of the casing and tread or the tread is worn low, it is a good idea to start looking at tire replacement options.

Yes. We carry the full product lines of major manufacturers such as; Michelin, Yokohama, Cooper Roadmaster, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, and Double Coin. Call any of our locations and our trained personnel will be able to recommend a product that fits your trucking needs.

Prices are variable and range from $250 to $600 depending on tire size, quality, and intended operation.  We have quality options at each price point.

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Wheel Reconditioning Service

Aluminium Wheel Refinishing

Preventative Commercial Tire Maintenance

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Tips for choosing the right commercial truck tires

Most fleet operators are committed to selecting the highest quality, reasonably priced equipment for their vehicles. But oftentimes it can be difficult to find the right commercial truck tires for the latest trucks. Our team at STTC has decades of experience selling the highest quality commercial truck tires in the marketplace, and in this latest post, we’ll present our tips for choosing the right commercial truck tires for your application.

Take the load capacity into consideration

If you’re driving across the United States with heavy equipment and other bulky loads, your tires are going to be under significant strain. Make sure you take load capacity into full consideration when choosing your commercial truck tires. Ask the manufacturer about the capacity and the potential performance under various stress levels. This can help ensure you keep your drivers safe and your vehicles in peak condition.

Consider off-road options

One of the major mistakes many fleet operators make is relying on tires designed for road operations for off-road driving. These tires aren’t built for rough terrain and they can cause a safety problem for the vehicle if you drive on rough terrain over multiple days. OTR tires are designed with hardier rubber compounds and stone ejectors to remove debris.

Turn to STTC For Commercial Truck Tires for Every Application

For over sixty years, Service Tire Truck Centers have provided top-quality commercial truck tires and tire-related services in the Northeast. We’re proud to stock the absolute best in tires for working vehicles, with a wide selection of options suitable for any application. When you’re looking for top value for your investment, turn to STTC.