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Andrew Kitchen
Andrew Kitchen
September 21, 2023
The best commercial truck service around i have used them several times now through budget truck rental as we rent several trucks for months at a time for are company service tire truck centers shop out of Flanders NJ is unbelievable always there quick and know exactly what they are doing very professional thanks again
September 20, 2023
Really happy with the service provided. Road service was dispatched and at my location within two hours. The service technician was done quickly and got us back on the road. We will definitely be using STTC in the future. Jaime Linares Statue Cruises.
James Hobbs
James Hobbs
August 29, 2023
8/21/23 Blew a company recap! I-84 and hwy 6 in Pennsylvania. They gave me an 1.5hr wait time and showed up on the dot, literally had the new tire on in 20mnts. Really nice tech, super friendly. Call these people you won’t regret it.
alan groegler
alan groegler
June 22, 2023
The Bethlehem store is awesome. Lansdale a little slow.

STTC Road Assist™ Mobile Tire Service Gets You Up and Running – FAST!

Tire mishaps can happen on the road, at the quarry, site, farm, etc. without warning. When your job is time-sensitive, additional delays cost you money, therefore you can’t afford to be delayed any longer than necessary. That’s why STTC offers an emergency mobile tire service called Road Assist™ (for heavy duty and commercial vehicles) that will have you up and running within two hours!

We are there when you need the mobile tire service

Our mobile tire service is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year. Across our network in the Northeast, we have the fastest average up time for emergency road calls compared to the rest of the industry, with over two hundred fifty service trucks available. Even if you are out of our network, you call 877-748-2825, and we will find the closest associate service dealer that can handle your tire emergency anywhere in the continental U.S. You can call for road service on any tires we stock, not just truck tires. We carry a full range of great tires for oversized, industrial, earthmover and construction vehicles as well.

Save Money with Tire Retreads

Just because you’re stuck with a flat, you don’t have to spend extra money. Our Road Assist™ program also includes access to certified retreaded tires as well. With retreads, you can save 50% or more off the cost of a new tire, while having all the reliability and durability of buying new. In addition, these retreaded tires can still be retreaded several more times, to further extend their active lifespan!

STTC Road Assist™ Makes Service Simple

When you request emergency roadside assistance from STTC, you will be invoiced directly from us. – we can also take cash or most credit cards on the spot. Email notifications keep you upated throughout the process. Once on site, our TIA certified tire technicians handle everything for you. No matter the time of day, rain, or shine – if you need the best in roadside tire assistance, contact STTC Road Assist™.

semi truck tires

FAQs about Mobile Tire Service

Answer:  No, for example, waste fleets (garbage trucks) typically will retread a casing with any age. (For our stock production we roughly cap the age at 10 years. I’d say roughly 75% of the tires we retread are less than 7 years to give you an idea of what is common place.)

Answer: If you only plug a tire you run the risk of a failed repair because without a patch there is a large possibility of air loss. It may be cheaper up front, but if the repair fails you will need additional service work and potentially a road service call.  The plug will stop water from reaching the internal tire construction and the patch will keep the air from escaping. Therefore, the combination is much superior to just a plug and there isn’t a significant cost difference to justify the risks associated with just a plug. If you have have an earthmover with a flat, we can bring our vulcanized Monaflex repair process righ to your site which is 10X stronger than standard chemical tire repair

Answer: It is recommended practice to check after 100 miles of service to make sure the lug nuts are still properly secure to the wheel assembly. Within the 100 mile period there is a chance that dirt or rust can fall out from between the mating surfaces and thus would reduce the original clamping force of the assembly. If that has occurred with your lug nuts, then they must be re-tightened after inspection.

Answer: The red dot symbolizes where the valve stem should align with the tire when mounted. The yellow dot symbolizes the low spot on the tire and that should be aligned with the dimple on a wheel, which symbolizes the high spot of the wheel. This should only be followed when mounting steer tires and performing a radial run out.

Answer: Generally, for a commercial truck, you should buy tires of the same size. If you want to make a change, or decide to use your vehicle for a different application, make sure to speak with a professional to get their approval. If you plan to significantly change the tire size of a heavy-duty truck, one must make sure to make modifications to the transmission to adjust for the change.