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March 8, 2024
I've been here today for two steer tires. Nice people, fast and furious)))! They know what they are doing, and Max is the manager here. Very helpful!!!
Ronin Kim
Ronin Kim
March 4, 2024
Great people, not a problem.
Kevin Hurtado
Kevin Hurtado
March 4, 2024
Very Very good Service , Extremely friendly treat towards customers and always on time . Thank you.
Eliobet Avila
Eliobet Avila
February 29, 2024
Good service Max helped me
January 31, 2024
Great shop with great pricing and fast service. Was in and out for 8 new Michelin drives. Kevin is awesome to deal with and very helpful. Thank you for the service
Jesse Crowell
Jesse Crowell
November 24, 2023
Excellent shop and crew! Always a pleasure to do business with Max!
Oscar Castro
Oscar Castro
October 12, 2023
Nice and friendly people with a lot of choice of tires
Bradley BS
Bradley BS
September 16, 2023
Leo es un gran maneger, te orienta muy bien y tienen muy buenos precios. Los recomiendo 100%

For commercial fleet managers, few things take precedent over proper tire care. But part of ensuring your commercial truck tires are well-cared-for means keeping up with wheel maintenance. By taking your commercial trucks in for routine wheel polishing services, you can prevent against bead leaks, corrosion, and tire punctures from poorly maintained wheels. When you’re searching for “wheeling polishing near me,” look no further than the team at STTC for your wheel polishing needs. Our team is specially equipped to clean and polish your wheels back to like-new status. Contact STTC today to learn more about our wheel polishing services near you!

Importance of Wheel Polishing for Commercial Trucks

Truck wheels need proper maintenance in order to ensure overall tire health for your fleet. Without routine cleaning, wheels can become hotbeds for corrosion as salt, water, and other road debris collects on their surface. Corrosion can lead to serious problems, including tire punctures from corroded metal wheels. It’s important for fleet managers and drivers to ensure their wheels are properly maintained by scheduling routine wheel polishing for their vehicles. By seeking out wheel polishing services near you, you’ll enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Extend Wheel lifespan
  • Improve tire safety
  • Improve the look of your commercial vehicles
  • Decrease likelihood of bead leaks

Get the advanced solutions you need by choosing one of STTC’s nationwide service locations for your wheel refinishing needs. Our team is happy to restore your wheels and bring improved safety, longevity, and performance to your fleet. Contact us today to schedule your wheel polishing service.

STTC Driver
Driver Image

Benefits of Wheel Polishing with STTC

At STTC, we work to ensure optimal results by using our VIS Service Automation VIS – Polish automated system to deliver exceptionally refinished wheels every time. Our robotic aluminum polisher is uniquely designed to refurbish wheels and apply a buff and shine that simply can’t be matched by hand. Committed to a standard of excellence, STTC is dedicated to providing service to your 100% satisfaction. With our money-back guarantee, you’ll never take a gamble on unsatisfactory aluminum wheel refinishing services. STTC has multiple service locations conveniently near you for all your wheel polishing needs. Contact our team today to schedule automated wheel polishing services at one of our nationwide locations!

STTC for Your Commercial Fleet Wheel Polishing Needs

Since 1955, STTC has provided exceptional tire solutions forcomerciallfletess all over the country. Our advanced wheel polishing system ensures optimal wheel and tire health across all your commercial vehicles to bring improved safety, performance, and longevity to your fleet. Contact our team today to schedule wheel polishing services for your commercial fleet.

Assistance for Wheel Polishing Services for Commercial Fleets


Keep your fleet rolling with reliable retreads and new tires. STTC offers a wide range of services to help you keep your vehicles on the road and running smoothly.

New tires for commercial trucks


For over sixty years, Service Tire Truck Centers have provided top-quality commercial truck tires and tire-related services in the Northeast.


Service Tech offers drive-in, mobile, and emergency vehicle maintenance. Our high level of service sets us apart from the competition.


No other retread is a Michelin. That’s why STTC relies exclusively on Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT) and Oliver Rubber for our entire truck tire retreading process.

Call STTC next time you need Wheel Polishing Services for Commercial Fleets