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Prevent Emergencies with Regular Truck Tire Maintenance

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Regular Truck Tire Maintenance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) promotes the concept of “safety is good business.” Commercial vehicle accidents can be devastating, from the injuries and fatalities to the financial costs, damaged reputations, and the ability to retain good drivers. On the bright side, experts say that up to 90% of commercial truck accidents are preventable with good maintenance and safety measures. Implementing a culture of safety within your fleet can help prevent the volume and frequency of emergencies on the road, save lives, and improve your bottom line.  Here’s how to build in regular truck tire maintenance and timely support from a mobile truck tire repair service. 


Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections by Drivers 

Drivers are on the frontline of regular maintenance for commercial vehicles. Routine inspections of all systems can often detect small problems that could cause a breakdown on the road. Give drivers time to make a thorough pre-trip inspection, not because it’s required by law but because it makes good business sense to check the air pressure and tire tread before the truck takes off on its long journey. Retain a mobile truck tire repair service for your drivers that shows them you care about their safety and respect their time. 


Establish Regular Maintenance Schedules 

Make sure each truck has regularly scheduled down time for oil changes, brake adjustments, and tire rotations, as well as time to replace or make repairs before the part breaks on the road, causing downtime, messing up schedules, and potentially creating an accident. According to the FMSCA, the average cost of a truck accident is $91,000. Getting ahead of repairs that could lead to a crash on the highway is a significantly smaller price to pay for safety and peace of mind! 


Train Drivers to Identify Potential Issues 

Drivers don’t only need time to inspect their truck, they must also know what to look for. Make sure your drivers understand the importance of regular maintenance. It’s not just about their safety on the road. Regular maintenance is legally required by several government agencies. Drivers and fleet owners can face serious penalties, including suspension of licenses and criminal charges when a truck they are driving isn’t in good operating order. When drivers are trained to identify potential problems and to get professional maintenance when required, it prevents future emergencies. 


Invest in Quality Parts and Service 

Don’t skimp on regular maintenance. Buy high quality parts that will last, to prevent costly breakdowns of your fleet vehicles. Partner with a professional mobile truck tire repair service that will get your trucks back on the road quickly and efficiently. STTC’s reliable service network has fast response times with highly trained service personnel for roadside assistance. Our team can help keep your commercial truck tires at their best to get the lowest cost-per-mile without breaking your budget. 


Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to discuss our mobile truck tire repair services. Our hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, including holidays.

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