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The Difference Between Regional & Long-Haul Commercial Tires

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The Difference Between Regional & Long-Haul Commercial Tires

The Difference Between Regional & Long-Haul Commercial Tires

Choosing the right commercial tires for your trucking fleet might seem easy, but there’s a lot more to proper tire selection than meets the eye. Fleet managers should understand the specific application for their tires before selecting a set for their commercial trucks. Most fleets will need to choose between regional or long-haul commercial tires, and the two are far from interchangeable. Understanding the differences between the two tires will help fleet managers make the best choices for their trucks to keep their drivers on the road for longer.


Regional Commercial Tires


Regional commercial tires are designed for trucks that frequently travel on secondary routes, highways, and two-lane roads. Usually, these tires are used on trucks within the public utilities, government, food distribution, manufacturing, petroleum, or public school sector. Regional tires typically operate within a 300-mile radius with drivers returning to their home base at night.


These tires are best used for fleets that average an annual mileage between 30,000 and 80,000 miles. According to tire specialists, regional tires are built to withstand specific challenges they face when in operation, such as shoulder scrub, start/stop aggression, lateral scrub, and heal/toe wear and tear.


Long-Haul Commercial Tires


On the other hand, long-haul commercial tires are designed to support longer travel. Trucks using these tires often operate at highway speed, traveling on smooth interstate roads rather than secondary routes. Commercial trucks outfitted with long-haul tires typically operate within a radius greater than 300 miles and average more than 100,000 miles annually.


Long-haul commercial tires have a long original tread life to support lengthier travel times on highways. If your trucking fleet is often tasked with driving long distances, long-haul tires are the best choice for your commercial trucks. One way fleet managers can save on the cost of their commercial tires is by partnering with a provider or retreading specialist, such as STTC.


STTC – Your Commercial Tire Partner


At STTC, our team provides a wide range of regional and long-haul commercial tires built to support the driving patterns of your fleet. By partnering with our team, you’ll gain access to an impressive tire selection at a cost you can afford. STTC also provides tire retreading services to produce safe, reliable regional and long-haul commercial tires that won’t deplete your tire budget.


Don’t settle for just any tires: Your fleet deserves dependable, affordable commercial tires that are built to withstand your specific travel needs. Contact STTC today to find out how our team can help your commercial fleet stay on the road with tires made to last.

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