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How Fleets Can Attract Better Truck Drivers

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How Fleets can Attract better Truck Drivers

While driving on high-quality commercial truck tires and utilizing the best vehicles in the industry can help enhance driver performance, only by employing qualified professionals can fleet operators succeed over the long-term.

In a perfect world, this means finding the most talented CDL-licensed professionals in the industry and providing each the ideal employment opportunity. Our team at STTC are experienced in working with fleet operators, and within our latest post, we’ll explain a little more about how to attract better drivers.


Ask current drivers for feedback

It can be difficult to know exactly where a problem exists within your fleet operations if you don’t have the information from those working for your company. Ask your drivers for feedback about the current approach and any changes that could be made to improve their work experienced. You may be surprised what you find. It doesn’t always have to end up costing more money.

For example, you might consider offering better opportunities for advancement in the company, ensuring that motivated drivers are incentivized effectively with better hours and higher pay for meeting targets.

Many drivers might also say that you should allow for more scheduled breaks during deliveries. As many states and the federal government are now looking at drivers’ road times and beginning to mandate changes – can you get ahead of the curve and offer something now, that you’ll probably be required to do anyway and gain a win for your drivers?

Drivers might also ask for better equipment and technology in their trucks. Something as simple as buying quality commercial truck tires for your vehicles could make the difference between losing and retaining your most talented drivers. Also, consider reconditioning dirty steel or aluminum wheels to give your equipment a great appearance. A fleet’s appearance is a large deciding factor for drivers since they have so many options.


Promote at the leading driving schools

When you’re attempting to hire the most qualified professionals in the driving industry, you should ensure that you’re working with truck driver training schools to pinpoint these individuals. You may work out individual contracts with training companies to ensure that they send their best graduates to your fleet.

You should also make sure that you clarify the qualifications for drivers. Accepting low-quality drivers leads to limited results for fleets, and updating qualifications to the best of the current market standards can help your organization stand out in the industry.


Building Your Reputation As A Great Place To Work

It’s all about competing with other companies for the best talent, and even more so in today’s low unemployment environment.

Make sure that your company is able to offer drivers greater control over the working process. Drivers will respect the management team more when included in part of the decisions that impact their day-to-day activities.

Any new initiatives you create, for example new driver training strategies and programs to help drivers advance in the company, should be promoted via industry media. Make sure your brand’s initiatives are publicized and that attention is given to your firm’s campaigns to support its workforce.

To discover more about the process for finding talented drivers, call our experts today. We can guide you regarding equipment such as commercial truck tires for every application and help you to manage your fleet or visit any of our many convenient locations for assistance.

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