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Repairing Your Truck Exhaust? Useful Tips and More

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Repairing Your Truck Exhaust

According to the Congressional Budget Office, CO2 emissions from transportation totaled 1.7 BMT (billion metric tons). Greenhouse gas emissions in the US account for about 6.4 BMT annually. The transportation sector is responsible for the largest percentage of that, with the electric power sector coming in second. Commercial trucks average more CO2 emissions than recreational cars and trucks. Exhaust systems on commercial trucks are much more efficient than even five years ago, which is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but that doesn’t mean you can overlook maintenance on your truck exhaust. Learn more about how to keep your engine and exhaust performing its best, and when to call for a trusted semi truck road service to get repairs. 


What Does the Truck Exhaust System Do? 

Truck engines that rely on combustion release harmful emissions. The exhaust system traps those gases and removes the harmful elements. This maximizes performance, keeps the fumes out of the cabin and the environment, and streamlines efficiency. When exhaust systems don’t operate well, it impacts fuel efficiency and impacts driver health. In commercial trucks, you must comply with state and federal regulations for emissions, or you are likely to face fines and even legal consequences. 


Signs that Your Truck’s Exhaust System Needs Repair 

Your commercial truck will give off signs that the exhaust system isn’t functioning well. Of course, some of these symptoms can also be related to other systems. When in doubt, call a semi truck road service to diagnose the problem before driving too many miles under stress. 

  • Vibrations – vibrations when the truck is moving can indicate an exhaust leak. 
  • Losing power when accelerating – when the exhaust system isn’t functioning at peak performance, your engine won’t get air, which reduces power. 
  • Strange odors in the cab – you smell the fumes that aren’t being removed from the exhaust. 
  • Strange noises – the muffler is designed to quiet the noises coming from the exhaust system. Your truck may feel as if it’s rumbling from the tailpipe if the system isn’t performing. 
  • Reduced fuel efficiency – when you aren’t getting good gas mileage, check the exhaust system. 


Service for Your Semi Truck’s Exhaust System 

Exhaust systems on commercial vehicles are often overlooked because they can last five to seven years without needing much service. Today’s aftermarket parts are more efficient and will increase performance on the road. An aftermarket exhaust manifold is constructed with new technologies that allow it to handle higher temperatures than the OEM equipment, giving more life to your exhaust system. Emissions should be tested during the annual inspection. If the commercial truck on your fleet doesn’t pass the test, contact a semi truck road service for repairs to avoid downtime. 

STTC offers 24/7 Road Assist to keep your trucks performing at their best and to keep your drivers on the road. We understand the importance of truck and tire maintenance for your business. Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to discuss our convenient 24/7 mobile tire service and roadside assistance.

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