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Don’t Forget About Regular Tire Rotations – Commercial Tire Balancing and Wear

Don’t Forget About Regular Tire Rotations – Commercial Tire Balancing and Wear

Much like consumer vehicles, commercial tires wear unevenly. Unlike those vehicles, commercial tires are a bit more complex. Rotating tires is possible and beneficial, but it is essential to do it properly after carefully considering each tire’s current condition.

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Before you do that, consider a few key factors that play a role in commercial tire wear. Here’s what you need to know to keep your tires in excellent condition and lasting as long as possible.

Why Does Tire Rotation Matter?

Rotating tires on your semi-truck is a necessary step for several reasons:

  • Uneven wear: Tires wear unevenly. This is dependent on where they are on the vehicle. By rotating them, you create more of an even wear across all tires, potentially extending their life. 
  • Uneven tires create stopping issues: If you have significant wear on one tire and not the other, that can make it harder for the truck to stop. This creates a safety hazard. 
  • Cornering is challenging with uneven wear: With unbalanced and uneven tires, turning a corner becomes more challenging due to the amount of surface area of each tire touching the ground. 

It can be dangerous to operate your vehicle without proper tire rotation to account for wear and tear. With less traction, there is less ability to grip the road, which increases the risk of accidents. 

Truck Tire Rotation Patterns

Trucks have steer tires, drive tires, and trailer tires. How you rotate each one, differs. Steer tires rotate from side to side. Drive tires can be rotated from the front axle to the rear axle or across the same axle from one side to the other. It is also possible to rotate them following an “x” pattern. There’s ample versatility there. 

Trailer tires have more versatility in rotational direction. You can rotate them by moving them from the front to the back or side to side, moving across the axle. The most commonly recommended method, though, is an “x” pattern. 

Frequency of Tire Rotation

How often you rotate commercial tires depends on a variety of factors. Rotating too often is cumbersome and can become expensive. It’s best to rotate tires based on when they reach half of the original tread depth. Drivers need to check tread depth prior to every route to ensure there is no excessive wear on tires (which can cause accidents rapidly). Look for any signs of cracks or bubbles, as these can indicate the need to change out the tires. 

Make Tire Rotation a Big Part of Your Success on the Road

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