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Advantages of Using a Mobile Tire Replacement Service

Advantages of Using a Mobile Tire Replacement Service

As a fleet manager, you know that commercial truck breakdowns can cause business crises due to flat tires. These tire incidents can drain your finances and damage your reputation with customers who expect timely delivery. Fortunately, a mobile tire service is a solution that can help you avoid these problems while getting your drivers back to their route as quickly and safely as possible.

Here are five benefits to consider when contracting a mobile tire service.


1. Less Down Time 

Using a mobile tire replacement service, you can avoid the hassle of taking your truck to a service station for repairs, allowing it to stay on the road. Our mobile technicians come equipped with everything necessary to replace and balance tires, as well as diagnose problems, even for heavy trucks. Additionally, we have an extensive network of service centers, which means we’re always nearby to assist you.


2. Safer Tire Replacement for Drivers 

Using a mobile tire replacement service, our certified technicians are trained to handle commercial truck tire problems quickly and safely, even on busy interstates or highways. We come prepared with equipment to make a safe work area and handle the issue efficiently. Our mobile trucks are also equipped with safety gear to warn other drivers on the road. In cases where repairs cannot be made safely on the side of the road, we’ll move the truck to a safer location to avoid any accidents or injuries.


3. Control Over Service Charges 

Using a mobile tire replacement service, you have more control over your commercial truck repair costs on the road. Instead of paying for towing to a service shop, the service comes to you, reducing your downtime and costs. With STTC, we can always provide an estimate before making repairs, so you are aware of all charges beforehand.


4. Preventative Maintenance Plans 

A mobile tire service can offer other benefits beyond repairs on the road. At STTC, we help manage your overall repair costs with preventative maintenance to avoid downtime. Our tire retreading program uses assets in your fleet, tire casings, to replace old tires when their tread is worn. It’s a way to reuse casings and keep operating costs lower. 


5. Updated Information for Repairs 

Using a mobile tire replacement service, STTC is a part of a large national network, the Michelin Commercial Service Network, that provides emergency assistance when you need it. With a turnaround time of about 2 hours from your request for assistance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your commercial truck will be back on the road as soon as possible.


Keep Trucks Up and Running With a Mobile Tire Service 

Using a mobile tire replacement service, STTC is committed to reducing downtime and controlling costs for commercial fleets. With over 50 years of experience in the tire industry, we prioritize sustainability and offer high-quality products. You can trust our exceptional customer service and experienced tire technicians to keep your commercial vehicles running safely and efficiently. Our team partners with customers to help them make the best business decisions to increase efficiency and productivity in their commercial fleet. Contact us to learn more about retreading and our semi truck road service for your commercial fleets. Keep your trucks up and running with a mobile tire service.


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