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Mechanical Services

Our mechanical division, Service Tech, offers drive-in, mobile, and emergency vehicle maintenance.
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Get Your Truck Service From The Leading Technicians at STTC

For over sixty years, STTC has built a reputation for being one of the most service-focused tires and truck service shops around. We’ve grown to be a powerhouse thanks to our dedication to doing every job right, with top-quality parts, and technicians whose training and service ethic goes above and beyond.

Our mechanical division, Service Tech, offers drive-in, mobile, and emergency vehicle maintenance. What separates Service Tech apart from our competition is our adherence to a high level of service. This is warranted by some of the quickest turn times in our markets, so that your vehicle will be repaired in a matter of days not weeks.

Another differentiator is our usage of high quality OEM grade parts. Our shops and mobile fleets utilize the same parts program to ensure that Service Tech offers a network of consistency that can be relied upon. Our well trained technicians and company history of Service all combined with our high quality parts will assure you that your vehicle will be repaired efficiently and correctly the 1st time. See below regarding our different services.

STTC Offers A Full Range Of Mechanical Truck & Trailer Services

Beyond our great options for new tires and retreaded tires, we can assist you with a full range of vehicle services, including:

All vehicle maintenance is performed by an expert staff of certified STTC repair technicians.

5 Things to Consider to Grow Your Trucking Business
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Trust Your Truck To The Best

STTC’s goal is to create greater customer relationships through added services beyond tires by offering specific mechanical services; increased vehicle uptime through quality preventative maintenance, repairs performed correctly the first time, quick turnaround on vehicles and good communication both timely and precise. To learn more about our service options or schedule a maintenance appointment, click here to contact your local STTC truck center or call 610-954-8473 ext 0.

Be sure to check out our Preventative Maintenance & Fleet Service programs.

Request Emergency Road Service Online

While our phone hotline has operators standing by 24/7, you can also use our free STTC Road Assist app to request emergency road service. Our app lets you locate the nearest service center. It is simple to use and can make it a breeze to book your service. The app can be used by the driver in the vehicle or the fleet manager who is working behind the scenes.

STTC’s free “Road Assist” custom location application allows users to find the nearest location.


Locate the closest location and contact information based on the user’s location.


Directions feature utilizes Google Maps and Apple Maps to provide up to date directions to all our locations.

Mobile Devices

Designed for all mobile devices for ease of use allowing anyone to get directions to our closest service center.


Features a constantly updated directory and map of all our service locations.

Common Reasons Semi Trucks Require Roadside Assistance

Due to the heavy-duty nature of semi-trucks and the large number of miles they travel, they are more prone to mechanical breakdowns than personal vehicles are.

Faulty Breakes

The brake pads, discs, and drum brakes take a lot of abuse over their lifetime. They are constantly under heavy pressure from the truck itself as well as the load it is hauling.

Tire Problems

Tire issues account for over 50% of roadside assistance requests. There are several common problems that may be affecting your tires.

Tires Underinflation

When a tire isn’t properly inflated, it can overheat, leading to a blowout. Blowouts are one of the most common reasons for roadside assistance calls.

Low Tread Depth

When the tread on a tire is worn out, it becomes more susceptible to external damage.

Misaligned Axles

When your axles get out of alignment, your tires experience wear and tear at a much higher rate.

Cooling Systems

The cooling systems in semi-trucks are large and complex, so when they break down, it has a negative effect on the rest of the vehicle.

Benefits of STTC’s Roadside Assistance Program

Whether you are experiencing a tire blowout or other mechanical error, call our hotline at 877-748-2825 to book your fast, reliable, and professional roadside assistance.

National Network

Large, National network for emergency tire service


Specialized pricing for national accounts available throughout the country


One phone number for all roadside emergencies

World Class

Access to wide range of New Tires and World Class Retreads – anywhere in the country

Less Hours

Expected turnaround time of 2 hours or less from the time of your phone call

Service Centers

50+ STTC truck tire service centers throughout the Road Assist network


250+ STTC quick-response service vehicles

Technicians And Repairmen

TIA-certified tire technicians and repairmen

Easy Payment

Easy payment options including credit card

Frequently Asked Questions

When you call for roadside assistance, you are placing your trust in the company you’re calling and its technicians who will help you on the road.

There are a variety of factors that can affect this, such as weather conditions and distance from our service center, but we have developed a fantastic network that allows us to respond quickly. With over 250 service vehicles in 50 service centers spanning 8 Northeastern states, we are often able to arrive on site in just a few minutes. We make it a goal to have your truck up and running in under two hours from the time the call is made.

Once we know the location of the breakdown, we will provide the driver with an accurate ETA for the assistance team. Fleet managers can also use our online portal to track the progress of the procedure, and we will provide email and text updates for any changes in status. Our proactive team members make it a priority to stay in constant communication, so you aren’t sitting around waiting for updates.

Every service call is different, and your total cost will depend on the type of repair required and any new parts that your truck may need. At STTC, we are aware of the burden that roadside bills can have, so we are committed to providing affordable, reliable service for all of our customers.

What Our Client Says About Our Services
March 8, 2024
I've been here today for two steer tires. Nice people, fast and furious)))! They know what they are doing, and Max is the manager here. Very helpful!!!
Ronin Kim
Ronin Kim
March 4, 2024
Great people, not a problem.
Kevin Hurtado
Kevin Hurtado
March 4, 2024
Very Very good Service , Extremely friendly treat towards customers and always on time . Thank you.
Eliobet Avila
Eliobet Avila
February 29, 2024
Good service Max helped me
January 31, 2024
Great shop with great pricing and fast service. Was in and out for 8 new Michelin drives. Kevin is awesome to deal with and very helpful. Thank you for the service
Jesse Crowell
Jesse Crowell
November 24, 2023
Excellent shop and crew! Always a pleasure to do business with Max!
Oscar Castro
Oscar Castro
October 12, 2023
Nice and friendly people with a lot of choice of tires
Bradley BS
Bradley BS
September 16, 2023
Leo es un gran maneger, te orienta muy bien y tienen muy buenos precios. Los recomiendo 100%