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Yokohama Releases N-Speed Rated 115R All-Position Tire

N-Speed Rated 115R All-Position Tire

N-Speed Rated 115R All-Position Tire

New N-Speed Rated 115R All-Position Tire.

Choosing the right commercial truck tires for your fleet can be tricky especially with the influx of new releases. While there is an argument for having a lot of options, the responsibility of picking the right tires for all your vehicles can easily give any fleet manager a bad case of decision paralysis. Thankfully, if you are in the market for durable, versatile tires, Japanese tire brand Yokohama has made the decision easier for you with their new N-Speed Rated 115R All-Position Tire.


The newly released tire variant, which was unveiled during the TMC Show in February, boasts of durability and fuel-efficiency. Available in 225/70R19.5 size, the N-Speed Rated 115R All-Position Tire is crafted with double casing construction. This means that, even with a considerable load, vehicles equipped with this type of tire can drive to speeds of up to 87 mph. Moreover, Yokohama’s new tires are heat resistant. They are able to withstand friction thus increasing tread life and improving fuel efficiency.


Without a doubt, Yokohama’s new release is a great choice of tires for your entire fleet. Nevertheless, not all tire upgrades are created equal. As a fleet manager, making the right tire decisions fall within the bound of your responsibilities. Without a doubt, it is a task that should not be taken lightly.


More than the efficiency of the vehicle, tires play a significant role in keeping the cargo and drivers safe. If you are in the process of a commercial truck tires upgrade, below are a few steps and considerations that you should take in order to ensure you pick the right one for your operations:


Total Load Capacity of N-Speed Rated 115R All-Position Tire


Fleet trucks are made to carry a considerable amount of weight. Needless to say, a vehicle’s tires would carry much of this load for long periods of time. It is of utmost importance to make sure that the tires that you opt for are tested to carry the weight that you intend to transport.


At the end of the day, the peace of mind that you will have in choosing tires that are fit for the job is invaluable. It could be the difference between safe passage and a fatal roadside accident.


Tread Style


Tread refers to the patterns that are molded onto every tire. While they might seem innocuous, they serve an important role that goes beyond aesthetic. For the most part, the tread pushes water out from under your tire thus preventing the vehicle from sliding on the road. The tread that you choose depends on the terrain your fleet frequents.




The fuel-efficiency of your fleet is affected by the tires. Good quality tires ensure that your vehicle is exerting the right amount of energy in order to move along the road. No energy is expended by the truck to make up for sub-par traction from less than quality tires. Nevertheless, if you’d like to save on fuel, invest in tires.


Investing on your fleet’s tires is without a doubt an important decision. This decision would be made a lot easier with the help of professionals. Contact us today to learn about what we learned in the 65 years we’ve been doing this and see have to offer.


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