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Winter Maintenance and Towing Tips for Your Commercial Trucks

Winter maintenance tips for commercial tires

With winter’s arrival, fleet operators throughout the country are now considering how best to keep their trucks in conditionduring the months ahead. From your commercial truck tires to the vehicle’s engine components, each part of the vehicle requires effective maintenance to protect it against long-term damage. In this post, we’ll provide our winter maintenance and towing tips for your commercial trucks.

Follow the latest Winter Maintenance and Towing Tips 

Drivers are ideally positioned to protect their trucks over the winter months. They can take the lead on the safe driving practices by following a few simple rules for effective vehicle operation:

  • Drive at a slower rate during heavier snowfall
  • Actively look for black ice and take extra cautions when traveling over bridges
  • Alert drivers to your intentions well ahead of time by effectively using lights and turn signals
  • Park the vehicle if conditions become too difficult for safe driving

Maintenance options for commercial trucks

Whether it’s making sure that there’s enough air in your commercial truck tires or examining the windshield for signs of cold-weather related cracks, maintenance of the truck is of immense importance during the winter months. Take on the following tasks to keep your vehicle ready for the winter road ahead:

  • Check that batteries are fully charged

Your batteries are most at-risk of failure during the cooler weather when it requires greater power to start the truck. Check that the batteries are fully charged before long-haul trips. This process can minimize vehicle breakdowns and keep the truck in ideal condition.

  • Choose specially-designed oil

The oil used in your vehicle should be selected for the optimal viscosity level for wintertime driving. Check with the OEM guidelines concerning the optimal fuel types for your vehicle.

  • Use a winter-blend for fuel

Diesel fuel contains paraffin molecules that are known to stick together when the temperatures dip below the freezing level. Using a winter blend of fuel is the best way to ensure that the vehicle doesn’t suffer breakdowns or experience starter issues during the cooler months. Working with an experienced company for truck maintenance can help you manage your fleet effectively for the months ahead. Our experts can help to guide you within this process, as well as create a custom roadside assistance program that safeguards your trucks. To learn more about our services and the options available to your fleet this winter, call us today.


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