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Why Wide-Based Truck Tire Retreading is Successful for Fleets

Why Wide-Based Truck Tire Retreading is Successful for Fleets

Fleets depending heavily on wide-based truck tires know how expensive these specialized tires can be. With strict budgets to adhere to, fleet managers must find ways to maximize their tire spend and get the most out of their purchases. Wide-based truck tire retreading has been extremely successful, resulting in many of the same benefits that retreading provides to other tire types.

Why Wide-Based Truck Tire Retreading is Successful for Fleets

Wide-Based Truck Tire Retreading Saves Money


The truck tire retreading industry has come a long way since its inception. Advancements in the retreading process have allowed manufacturers to produce high-quality, durable, safe tires for commercial fleet use for quite some time now. Created from recycled rubber, retread tires are much less expensive than their newer counterparts. Especially when purchasing larger tires — such as wide-based truck tires — these savings can be significant for a fleet’s bottom line.


Not only does the retreading process itself provide significant savings, but wide-based truck tires in general can provide fleet managers with additional budgetary benefits. Due to the combination of lighter wheel ends and fewer flexing sidewalls, wide-based truck tires can improve fuel economy by up to 5%, resulting in lower costs for your fuel spend. Add these savings to those earned inherently through choosing retreads with warranties that protect against defects in  workmanship or material, and you’ll have a better bottom line in no time!


Make Fleets Eco-Friendly with Wide-Based Truck Tire Retreading


Commercial trucking fleets have fallen under scrutiny to better manage their greenhouse gas emissions and be eco-friendlier. Truck tire retreading addresses this issue head-on by repurposing a fleet’s existing tires to form high-quality, dependable, and safe products for commercial use.


When tires are left to rot in landfills, they can expose the earth to toxic chemicals as they erode into the soil. By repurposing the old casings, truck tire retreading keeps unused tires out of landfills. Wide-based truck tires can be retread multiple times before no longer being eligible for the retreading process. Even when the tires reach their maximum number of retreads, their rubber will be used to create other rubber materials, such as playground padding or rubber mats. The best way to provide your fleet with consistently reliable, high-quality retreads is by choosing a truck tire retreading partner, like STTC.


STTC Truck Tire Retreading Partners

STTC has been perfecting our truck tire retreading process since 1955. Having produced over 3.5 million retreads, we are confident in our ability to bring reliable, safe, high-quality products to your fleet. We’ll work closely with you to develop a retreading schedule that suits your fleet’s needs, outfitting your trucks with the wide-based tires you need to get the job done right. Contact our team today to find out more about partnering with STTC for your truck tire retreading needs.



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