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Why Mobile Tire Service Will Win the War on COVID-19

Mobile Tire Service Win COVID-19

Mobile Tire Service Win COVID-19

With many states across the nation currently under “stay at home” order due to coronavirus concerns, commercial fleets are among the essential workers still traveling the roads and steadily burning off tire tread. But without a physical tire shop to go to when tire troubles pop up, how can fleets expect to manage their tire health and get the services they need to remain operational? Enter mobile tire service. By bringing the tire products and services you need to your location, mobile tire services are helping fleets win the war on COVID-19 and stay in good working condition.


What to Expect from a Mobile Tire Service


When selecting a mobile tire service for your fleet, it’s important to know the service provider you choose can meet your expectations. Consider the following when searching for your ideal provider:


  • COVID-19 “Touchless” Service: STTC  performs our mobile tire service while adhering to CDC guidelines and maintaining proper distancing, so the driver is able to stay safely in the cab.


  • Tools: The right mobile tire service will be equipped with the tools they need to perform the job at hand without issue. Not applicable to our work. We use basic mounting and dismounting tools when on the road This includes tools like collets and pin plates to perfectly center and balance tires, and to ensure that a cone is used from the back to avoid damage to chrome clad wheels or scarring clearcoat.
  • Training: Your mobile tire service provider should employ trained technicians who can provide you with the professional assistance you need. The best technicians will be TIA-certified and can educate you on your tire purchase as well as any issues discovered while servicing your commercial vehicle.
  • Technology: In addition to being a skilled tire technician, your service provider must also be familiar with DTC readings and TPMS sensors. This will help ensure your tire pressure thresholds are within the appropriate range according to its size and wheels.
  • Convenience: Especially with coronavirus concerns on the rise, convenience is a top priority when selecting the right provider. Look for a mobile tire service that can accommodate your needs anywhere at any time for the most convenience and safety for your fleet.


At STTC, our mobile tire service team is committed to providing you with the immediate service you need when you need it most to keep your trucks rolling. Our team of TIA-certified tire technicians handle everything you need, from tire selection and repair to proper mounting and balancing. Equipped with the industry’s leading tools and technologies, there’s no better 24/7/365 mobile tire service provider than STTC for your commercial fleet’s needs.


STTC’s Mobile Tire Service for Your Commercial Fleet


Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from getting the exceptional tire services your fleet deserves. Since 1955, STTC has provided the reliable, top-quality tire services fleets need to remain in safe operation for the long-term. With more than 250 mobile service trucks readily available to meet your needs, there’s no better team available for your urgent tire needs than STTC. Contact our team today to find out how you can take advantage of our mobile tire service offerings!


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