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Which Tires Wear Faster on Skid Steers?

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Which Tires Wear Faster on Skid Steers?

After fuel, tires are one of the biggest operating expenses on skid steers. Skid steer tires can last about 600 to 700 operating hours, more with good maintenance and less with poor operating habits. Generally speaking, the front two tires will wear more quickly than the rear tires, but depending on usage and surface conditions, it can also be the opposite. There are many factors that make skid tires wear out quicker. Here are some tips for making your tires last longer to manage your costs.

Inspect Tires Often

Regularly checking the tires for wear will help you know when to rotate or replace tires before you have a breakdown. It’s important to keep some essential ‘Dos and Don’ts’ in mind. Don’t mix and match tires. Check your tires for proper inflation. Under-inflated tires reduce fuel efficiency and will tend to speed up wear. Over-inflated tires are more likely to get punctured. Keep your tires clean. Skid tires get dirty quickly, whether you’re working at a construction site or on the farm. You won’t be able to spot cracks or bulges on the tires when they are dirty.

Use the Right Tires for the Job

Skid steer tires wear out faster based on where it is being driven. Use the appropriate tires for the job. You may need different tread patterns for different conditions. Muddy conditions take a deeper tread while sandy conditions take a less-aggressive tread. Some tread patterns are better suited for hard surfaces where you need more tread in contact with the road. Having the right tires to match the driving conditions can help your tires last longer.

Good Driving Skills

Train drivers on how to operate the skid steer efficiently and properly. Aggressive driving can wear tires out quicker than correctly maneuvering the skid steer. Spinning the tires causes excessive tire wear. Driving without keeping all four tires on the ground will also tend to wear out tires. Get drivers to use a softer touch and to take wider turns instead of counter-rotating the tires.

Replace Tires in a Timely Manner

It’s a common business practice to try to make do with supplies for as long as possible. When it comes to tires, especially skid steer tires, you’re risking a lot by trying to eke out a few more miles when you know the tires are getting to the end of their lifespan. Schedule a convenient time to replace the tires before they break down. Watch for missing chunks, tread that has been ripped off, or cracking to know when it’s time to replace the tires. Keep a record of tire maintenance and time used to know when the tire should be replaced.

Keep Your Tires at Their Best

The professional tire team with STTC can help you manage your skid tires effectively while maintaining your budget. We recommend the right tire for the right job to help you save money and to keep your operators safe. Use our expertise to help you determine which tires fit your application.

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online for skid tires and all tire-related services.

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