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When Does Commercial Tire Balancing Make Sense & How Will it Help Profitability?

commercial truck tires near me


commercial truck tires near me

Proper tire maintenance is one of the largest expenses for any commercial fleet. But before you search for “commercial truck tires near me” at the first sign of tire trouble, searching instead for tire balancing services might actually be what you need. Find out when commercial tire balancing services are right for your fleet and how it can help you achieve a better bottom line.


The Cost of Improper Commercial Truck Tire Balancing


When your tires are improperly balanced, the effects can be extremely detrimental from both a productivity and profitability standpoint. The following examples illustrate just a few of the disadvantages fleets can experience from failing to balance their commercial truck tires appropriately:


  • Fleets can be subject to CSA violations for improperly balanced tires
  • Early/uneven tread depth wear and premature replacement/retreading costs
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Improper tire balance can cause violent vibrations, loss of stability/control and lead to increased driver fatigue
  • Additional problems — such as fading U-joints — can be exacerbated or go unnoticed
  • Additional stress on other components, such as tie rods and brakes can cause early and un-needed replacement costs
  • Wheels and tires can prematurely break down due to improper balance


While many fleet managers believe that tire balancing is a time-consuming task that isn’t worth the downtime, the cost of not balancing your tires can far outweigh the perceived benefits of pushing this off. In fact, having your tires routinely balanced at the recommended 20,000-mile interval can actually do more to boost your bottom line than remaining on the road past the recommended service date.


Financial Benefits of Proper Truck Tire Balancing


According to several TMC Type II fuel economy tests, fleet managers can expect an increase of 2.2% in fuel economy for tractor-trailers with 18 wheels that adhere to proper balancing recommendations. That means fleets that take time to balance their tires can expect to save more on fuel.

In addition to fuel economy, fleet managers can reap financial benefits from commercial truck tire balancing that aren’t immediately apparent:


  • Fewer vibrations will contribute less to driver fatigue, resulting in decreased downtime and increased profitability
  • Regularly balanced vehicles will avoid higher maintenance costs — especially as additional vehicle malfunctions are detected through the balancing process
  • Balanced tires see an increased tire life of about 30%, resulting in reduced spending on new tire sets


In total, with these gains in tire mileage and fuel economy, fleets can save up to $5,500 per truck per year.


So, before you search for “commercial truck tires near me,” ask yourself first, “When was the last time I rebalanced by fleet’s tires?” You may find that rather than a new set of tires, what you want to invest in is actually a skilled technician to balance your tires appropriately.


STTC for Commercial Truck Tires Near You


Whether you need tire balancing or are searching for commercial truck tires near you, STTC has the products and services you need to stay on the road for the long haul. Contact our team today to find the commercial truck tires and services you need to maximize profits for your commercial fleet!

FAQs About Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is about making sure the weight in the wheels is evenly distributed for a smooth ride. It’s often confused with a wheel alignment, which is more about checking the angle of the wheels when they touch the road. Both tire balancing and alignments contribute to fuel economy and performance, but they are very different services. Instead of searching for “commercial truck tires near me,” make your first call to STTC for commercial truck tires and related services that fit within your budget and give you peace of mind. 


Here are some common questions about tire balancing for semi trucks.


Do semi tires need to be balanced?

Many fleet operators may find that it’s too expensive and time-consuming to balance 18 or more tires on each truck every 20,000 miles or so. We believe that the benefits of tire balancing are underestimated, and consequently, often overlooked. The data shows that tire imbalance wears out tires faster. Some experts say up to 25% faster! Tire balancing can improve fuel efficiency by 2 to 3%. Drivers don’t feel as many vibrations, which reduces their fatigue. One other benefit of balanced tires is that drivers can identify other issues with the truck because the ride is smoother. Semi tires can operate without balancing, but they do perform much better when they are balanced. 


How do technicians balance truck tires?

There are three methods to balance truck tires. At your trusted tire service and repair shop, your technician may use one of these methods: 

  1. Static balancing – The wheel is spun on a balancer to determine where it is out of balance. Weight can be removed or added to the rim to balance the wheel. 
  2. Dynamic balancing – If you’re seeing uneven wear on the tires, it could be due to a moving balance, which can’t be as easily corrected when the tire is rotated without the pressure of the road. In this type of balancing, a roller applies pressure to the tire as it spins to determine where the imbalance occurs, as if the tire were on the road. 
  3. Balancing beads – Small round beads of glass are inserted to the tire before inflating it. These beads constantly balance your tires without damage. The beads distribute themselves in weight and position to keep the balance requirements on each tire as you drive or when your vehicle stops. 


Should truck tires be balanced?

Although it may seem as though we are biased, we strongly believe tire balancing is an important part of any tire management program. Our team highly recommends it because tire balancing extends the life of the tire and reduces fuel consumption. It also makes the truck more comfortable to drive and improves safety on the road. Tire balancing can also increase the reliability of your truck. Well-maintained vehicles are less prone to expensive breakdowns. 


Find the Balance of Cost Vs the Benefit of Tire Balancing 

At STTC, we work with your fleet managers to find the right compromise between budget and benefits of tire balancing. We often recommend that you balance the steer tires every 20,000 miles and watch the other tires for uneven wear patterns before balancing. 


There’s no need to search for “commercial truck tires near me” when you have STTC on speed dial. Our roadside mobile assistance can come to you wherever you are to provide tire service. 

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online for commercial tires and all tire-related services.


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