What Are Retread Tires?

  • June 28, 2019
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You don’t have to be in the commercial trucking industry long until you’ve heard the term “retread tires.” Widely used as a way to save money on tire spend, retread tires are a favorite among many fleet managers. But what are retread tires, and what are the benefits of using them? In this blog, we’ll define tire retreading, lay out the benefits of using retread tires, and provide you with valuable resources for where you can get tire retreading services done for your fleet.

What Are Retread Tires?

Tire retreading is a practice that was developed in the early years of the automotive industry. Back when roads were littered with hazards, it was nearly impossible for drivers to travel without blowing out a tire. Because of this, they needed a way to extend the life of their tires. Retread tires provided just that, using the rubber from the blown-out tires to repair it back to like-new status.

Not all tires can be retreaded. Tire retreaders conduct a careful inspection of every tire they plan to retread, scrutinizing it for irreparable tears, holes, and other damage not conducive to the retreading process. If it passes inspection, the tire will be buffed and prepped for recapping. In the Michelin Retread Technology process most posts within the retread facility are computer controlled to ensure the highest quality within the retread industry. Once rubber has been applied to the casings of the old tire, the tire is ultimately cured and sent through a final inspection before going back to the fleet for installation.

Benefits of Using Retread Tires

Despite the fact that many once believed retread tires to be inferior, modern retreading practices have made these alternatives to new tires just as efficient and reliable. There are many benefits to choosing retread tires over purchasing a new set. Retread tires are less expensive than their newer counterparts, allowing fleet managers to save on tire spend so they can allocate their budget to other needs for their commercial trucking business.

More than the financial benefits of tire retreading are the positive environmental implications. Because retread tires recycle the rubber from tires that have already been in use, they use a third of the oil as used in tire construction. And, because modern retreading techniques are so advanced, fleet managers can choose to have the same tires retreaded more than once without sacrificing quality, assuming the casings pass muster.

Tire Retreading with STTC

While tire retreading in the U.S. is very competitive, those who have remained in the retreading industry are extremely dedicated, investing in the latest equipment, offering the most advanced techniques and highest quality retread tires. STTC is among these remaining retreaders, offering commercial trucking fleets the benefit of extended tire life and maximized budget. By partnering with STTC, fleet managers can get more use out of their tires, save money, and do their part for the environment. Contact our team today to find out more about our tire retreading services and how they can benefit your commercial trucking fleet!