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7 Most Important Pieces of Commercial Truck Equipment

commercial truck tires

Taking proper care of your commercial trucks starts by understanding what components matter most for safe, reliable operation. Within the broad spectrum of commercial trucks lies a common thread of the most critical components essential for top performance. Fleet managers in all industries can rest assured that these seven key commercial truck components will always make the top of their priority list.

commercial truck tires

The 7 Critical Components of Your Commercial Truck


No matter what your commercial trucking industry or application may be, the following seven items are of the utmost importance for keeping your trucks in top working condition:


  • Commercial Truck Tires: Arguably the most important part of your fleet, commercial truck tires are crucial for safe, reliable transportation. Not only this, but good commercial truck tires can even help fleets save money on their fuel consumption. Fleets must abide by strict commercial truck tire maintenance in order to protect against unnecessary repair and replacement costs.
  • Truck Wheels: Your wheels are what keep your commercial truck tires attached to the vehicle. Without proper wheel maintenance, your commercial truck tires could be at risk of losing pressure, detaching or puncture due to bent rims or damaged wheel parts.
  • Commercial Truck Brakes: Without functioning brakes, your commercial truck drivers and others can be placed at serious risk. Be sure to check your brakes at least once per month to ensure they’re in proper working condition.
  • Truck Engine: If your truck’s engine isn’t working, your fleet won’t be delivering anything anytime soon. If it’s needing maintenance or a tune up, you’ll be wasting fuel and driving up costs. Setting regularly scheduled maintenance intervals will help en ensure your engine health and identify any issues that could lead to imminent repairs or replacements.
  • Commercial Truck Transmission: Most commercial trucks are now using automatic transmissions because they are better suited to the demands of hauling heavy loads while maintaining optimal fuel and driving efficiency. A poorly performing transmission can seriously impact your fleet’s ability to carry its expected load.
  • Truck Radio: Not just great for passing the time, a truck’s radio is also essential for keeping drivers connected and safe when on the road. Make sure your truck’s radio and navigation system are working properly prior to traveling.
  • Commercial Truck Lights: A commercial truck without lights is a serious road safety issue. All of your truck’s lights should be in good working condition to communicate with other drivers and keep everyone safe on the road.


When your commercial truck parts need repair, replacement, or maintenance, the best decision your fleet can make is partnering with a commercial truck maintenance provider, like STTC,  which offers drive-in, mobile and emergency vehicle maintenance.


STTC for Commercial Truck Tires & Other Essential Equipment


At STTC, our team of highly-skilled commercial truck tire technicians and mechanics are specially trained to handle all your repair, replacement, and maintenance needs. Offering affordable solutions suitable for virtually any fleet budget, STTC has the commercial truck solutions you need to keep your vehicles safe on the road. Contact our team today to learn more about partnering with STTC for your commercial truck equipment needs!


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