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Truck Drivers CAN Stay Healthy

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Truck Commercial Driver

Staying healthy on the road isn’t always easy, especially for busy truck drivers who often move from one route to the next without much of a break. Truck driving is a challenging job not just in terms of lifting or dealing with breakdowns that require road service but mentally and physically as well. Whether your back is aching, or you’ve put on a few extra pounds, these tips may help to get you back on track and feeling better.


Prevent Problems Before They Start

Truck drivers may be able to prevent health complications by focusing on what they do for themselves every day, even while they are behind the wheel. Here are a few places to get started.

  • Sleep consistently. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says that most drowsy driving accidents occur between 4 am – 6 am, midnight – 2 am, and 2 pm and 4 pm. Getting enough sleep at night and being screened for sleeping disorders could help drivers avoid accidents. 
  • Activate muscles during breaks. When you take a driving break, make sure to get out and stretch all your muscles as if you were to engage in a workout. This helps to encourage more blood flow through the area, and it helps you feel more awake and ready for the day.
  • Remain hydrated. Some truck drivers may not want to drink as often, fearing the need to stop for a break. However, hydration is essential to ensuring mental alertness and overall health. It may even help reduce the risk of heart problems and stroke risks. Avoid relying on sugar- and energy drinks – as a solution for staying awake, as these products can create dehydration.
  • Eat well. A large meal once a day isn’t enough to keep drivers engaged. It’s even worse when you’re eating sugar – or carb-heavy foods that can make you sleepy. Instead, aim to eat healthy foods as often as possible, including a range of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits. It’s also important to work toward maintaining a healthy BMI and get all your preventative health screenings completed in a timely manner, on schedule.
  • Monitor and improve your posture. Consider steps to maintain good posture, such as using a brace to help you sit properly upright. This could help reduce back pain and fatigue. It also takes a good level of focus to remain in the correct position over time, especially if you have poor posture now. Regular stretching and strengthening of back and neck muscles will keep your spine in good health.

Maintain Your Truck, Too

Just as you work to maintain your health, keeping your truck in good condition is also important. Breakdowns can create long hours of not getting enough sleep. You may even be at risk of a serious injury if you don’t have a well-maintained vehicle. While you can call for fast road service to get back on the road, you don’t want to find yourself skipping sleep to deal with vehicle maintenance. Plan for it in advance.

We’ll Keep You Safe and Smooth on the Road

Without a doubt, STTC can help you with road service and maintenance needs. STTC offers 24/7 emergency road service when you need it. We can also help ensure your commercial tires are operating at their best, reducing your risk of an accident. 

Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online for an appointment and to ask about our road service.

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