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Truck Driver Health Tips for Spring 2022

Truck Driver Health Tips for Spring 2022

Your Commercial Tire Service Wants You to Stay Healthy

As your go-to resource for commercial tire service, STTC is always thinking of ways to better help our drivers. One of the most common, and most challenging aspects of driving a truck is maintaining your health while you do so. Let’s face it, long hours behind the wheel don’t always lend themselves to healthy lifestyles. Yet, there are numerous things you can do this spring to get give a bit of a boost to your health.

Start by Pinpointing Your Challenges

What factors impact you the most on the road? Addressing your specific challenges first may help you know what areas to target this spring. Some common concerns include:

  • Cramped workspace – can you improve your comfort level on your next drive?
  • Poor quality food – Is now the time to update your diet to add in more nutrient-rich food? 
  • Improved sleep schedule – It’s not just about how much sleep or time off you get between routes, but also the quality of that sleep. Are you struggling to get enough quality sleep?
  • Increased stress – Are you feeling your stress levels are on the rise due to work constraints or even home life?
  • Lack of exercise – It may be necessary to build in some time to exercise along your next route.

Tips to Help You Be a Healthier Truck Driver! 

All of the above are common concerns individuals have, but they are also some of the hardest problems to fix, especially when you’re working such long hours, sitting in one position. What can you do?

Get in Some Stretching

Stretching between your routes takes about 10 minutes, but it can create a significant difference in your overall quality of life. You can do this right outside your vehicle without any type of gear, though a stretch band can help improve outcomes. Start with this, and you may be more willing to get in some exercise soon enough. Can’t leave your truck’s cabin? Pull over every few hours to stretch your neck, rotate your shoulders, stretch your arms and legs, move your fingers, wiggle your toes, and even make circles with your eyes in both directions!

Plan Meals in Advance

Instead of the fast food drive-thru or truck stop, scope out other locations that offer more well-balanced meals when you cannot bring food from home. You can often order foods to go about an hour before approaching your next destination. COr consider building ininstalling a small microwave or portable stove/hotplate and a few meal kits so you can cook something to your liking on the road.

Boost Comfort in the Cabin

How do you make that small cabin more comfortable? Start with proper posture. Try to sit properly – shoulders back and sitting straight up. You can also purchase cushions offering lumbar and cervical support to help improve your posture during your long hours behind the wheel. It will keep back and neck pain at bay and keep them from becoming chronic conditions. Talk to a technician about the quality and condition of your seats, too. An improvement here can make driving long hours far more comfortable.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

If you notice your truck or trailer isn’t operating at its best, give us a call for 24/7 emergency service. Let us focus on getting the necessary commercial tire service taken care of while you work on a healthy meal, drinking more water, or just working through your stress. Call STTC now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online.


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