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Minimum Tread Requirements for Commercial Trucks and How to Save Money on Tires

Minimum Tread Requirements for Commercial Trucks and How to Save Money on Tires

Is it time to upgrade your truck tires? Well-maintained truck tires typically last longer and provide for better overall safety. As a commercial truck owner, driver, or fleet manager, staying up to date on truck tire requirements is a must. Here are a few things you need to know.

What Are Commercial Truck Tire Tread Requirements? 

Tread depth is critically important to knowing when it’s time to replace tires. Checking tread depth frequently minimizes the risk of tire failure. Here are a few key rules:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: This regulatory body requires that the minimum tread depth on commercial tires be 4/32 of an inch for every major groove on the tire. 
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance: This organization states that treads must be over 2/32 of an inch in two adjacent grooves of the tire. 

It is not safe to operate a vehicle with a tread that is non-existent. Doing so seriously increases the risk of blowouts. 

How to Save Money on Tires

There are plenty of ways to reduce the costs of managing your commercial vehicle. Tires are a crucial component of vehicle safety, a place where you can minimize operational inefficiencies while at the same time improve fuel economy. So tires are where you want to invest wisely.

There are a few things you can do to reduce your costs, including the following:

  • Consider Retread Tires: This is a good way to lower the overall cost of the tires you purchase. Retread tires are highly reliable and have gone through a comprehensive inspection to ensure they are in good condition. They cost considerably less, yet provide equal to or better performance that some new-tire alternatives.
  • Maintain Your Tires: Be sure to have a licensed technician, familiar with commercial tires, inspect your tires on a routine basis. Let them handle any repairs or upgrades you need, as they have ample experience to help you. More so, consistent maintenance reduces how frequently you need to replace tires. It’s also up to your drivers to ensure that tire pressure is within the range set by manufacturers every time they hit the road.
  • Maintain Good Driving Habits: Truck drivers who hit the brakes too hard or those that are making sharp turns often could be adding unnecessary wear to their tires. It is also important to ensure that you are driving at the required speed limit. 

Buying high-quality tires may mean spending a bit more now. Quality tires and retreads  matched to your fleet’s specific applications will last longer and provide better overall resistance to wear and tear. As a result, you can save money over the long term. If you are unsure, ask for a recommendation and find out about the warranty.

Install the Right Commercial Truck Tires with Expert Advice

Where can you find commercial truck tires near you? Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online when you need truck tire maintenance or new tires for your commercial fleet vehicles. 

Let our team help you find the right tires at the right price. STTC also offers 24/7 emergency road service to help keep you safe. We offer quality commercial tire sales, repairs, and retreads. Talk to us about your needs.


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