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Top Five Best Brands of Commercial Truck Tires

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With so many options in commercial truck tires, which brand(s) are best for your fleet?  Every STTC location stocks a wide variety of brands specifically so that we have more leeway in making recommendations.  Unlike other outlets that only partner with one brand of tires, we can suggest the right tire that fits the specific needs of each customer.  As far as we’re concerned, they all have their advantages and uses, or there would be no point in us stocking them.

However, when a customer asks, “what are the best brands of commercial truck tires?” these are the brands we’re most likely to talk about because they provide lasting value.

The Best Commercial Truck Tires Sold At STTC

  1. Michelin

    If we had to pick a best all-around tire, the one we go to most often, it’s probably Michelin. We’re particularly impressed by their X Multi D drive tire, and XDN2 drive tire. With the highest quality casings and superior mileage versus their competitors, Michelins provide the most value  and are always a solid pick when there are no major complicating factors.

  2. Goodyear

    Goodyear is another high-quality brand we’re always happy to recommend. Their casings are excellent, and can handle three retreads – extending their value considerably.  With such a wide product range, there is a Goodyear for all applications imaginable.

  3. Yokohama

    Yokohama isn’t a terribly well-known brand among the public, but dealers know the brand and support it. They make excellent tires in both 22.5 and 24.5  sizes, as well as superior oversized steer tires.  Yokohama is a bit more specialized, but their products are among the best on the market.  It’s little wonder they’ve become a widely accepted brand, even without much publicity.

  4.  BFGoodrich

    If you’re looking for a more economical approach to getting a high quality tire, we’re probably going to recommend  BFGoodrich.  The casings are made in the same plant as Michelins (meaning they are high quality and have a similar warranty) and their tread designs are time tested, and have impressed customers for years.

  5. Cooper Roadmaster

    We have been very impressed with improvements made with the Cooper Roadmaster line. Their flagship tires have been tested against and out-performed major brands such as Michelin and Bridgestone for some operations. Their casing is warrantied and we suggest this line for more economical approaches to getting a quality tire that will provide value.

STTC Has the Commercial Truck Tires You Need

Stocking over a dozen brands, STTC has exceptional selection! Visit your local STTC for more tire advice.

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