Wheel Balancing

ForceMatch® HD System

To ensure precise wheel balancing for wheels of all sizes, STTC relies on the Hunter Engineering ForceMatch® HD system, the world’s leading heavy-duty diagnostic wheel balancer. Designed to help eliminate wheel-related vibration, the ForceMatch HD offers a long list of exclusive features that make wheel balancing easier and faster than ever before:

  • Patented load roller measures entire contact patch for extremely accurate results
  • Patented CenteringCheck® ensures proper centering and eliminates setup errors
  • Wheel lift easily lifts wheel assemblies up to 500 lbs. and ensures proper mounting
  • Patented Automatic Mode Detection reduces service time
  • Bottom-dead-center laser speeds tape-weight placement and improves accuracy
  • Patented Servo Stop Drive Control saves time and increases accuracy
  • Exclusive High-Spot Detection saves money on tires and improves ride quality
  • Patented Quick Cal-Check® verifies balancer calibration in seconds

Fast, accurate, and guaranteed to save you money, heavy-duty wheel balancing from STTC helps you hit the road with confidence.

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