Air Pressure

STTC has a Smart Air® computer at each of our locations used to inflate tires to within 1/2 psi of required air pressure. Rather than using manual un-calibrated air gauges, STTC uses Smart Air to ensure that we install the correct air pressure in your tires.

  • Ensures that every tire returned to you has the exact air pressure that you, or the manufacturer, specifies
  • Extends tire life, improves ride, and increases fuel economy
  • The safest, easiest-to-use, most accurate way to ensure that you have the correct air pressure in your tires

OSHA requires that all tires returning to use (such as retreads and flat repairs) are over-inflated by 20 psi and then deflated to the proper air pressure. This is for your safety when mounting a tire/wheel onto a vehicle. Without Smart Air, this would be very difficult and cumbersome. STTC’s Smart Air systems are programmed to automatically perform this OSHA requirement.

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