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Turn to STTC For Commercial Truck Tires for Every Application

For over sixty years, Service Tire Truck Centers have provided top-quality commercial truck tires and tire-related services in the Northeast. We’re proud to stock the absolute best in tires for working vehicles, with a wide selection of options suitable for any application. When you’re looking for top value for your investment, turn to STTC.

Tires from All the Brands You Trust

We carry commercial truck tires from all the top names, including Michelin Truck Tires, Goodyear Tires, Yokohama Tires, Dunlop Tires, BF Goodrich Tires, Cooper tires, Kelly Tires, and Uniroyal. We work closely with our suppliers, staying up to date on their latest technical breakthroughs and new releases, ensuring that the best and latest in tire technology is always available to you from STTC.

When you buy commercial truck tires from STTC, you’re getting exceptional long-term value. By bringing your tires back to us for our Michelin retreading services you can see an exceptional ROI by extending their lifespan at far lower costs than buying new tires. Our tires can be retreaded multiple times, and if retreading isn’t for you we’ll offer you casing credit once they’re worn down.

Tires for Every Industry

We carry full lines of tires for oversized and heavy-machinery applications as well, including earthmovers, refuse collection, agricultural vehicles, construction equipment, and emergency vehicles. We can outfit municipal vehicles, passenger buses, or even consumer-grade vehicles.

In every case, our expert service technicians will consult with you on your vehicle and its usage profile, to select the right tires from our vast selection. When you purchase commercial tires from STTC, you can be sure you’re getting optimal performance with the lowest possible operating cost.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Truck Tires

Most fleet operators are committed to selecting the highest quality, reasonably priced equipment for their vehicles. But oftentimes it can be difficult to find the right commercial truck tires for the latest trucks. Our team at STTC has decades of experience selling the highest quality commercial truck tires in the marketplace, and in this latest post, we’ll present our tips for choosing the right commercial truck tires for your application.

Take the load capacity into consideration

If you’re driving across the United States with heavy equipment and other bulky loads, your tires are going to be under significant strain. Make sure you take load capacity into full consideration when choosing your commercial truck tires. Ask the manufacturer about the capacity and the potential performance under various stress levels. This can help ensure you keep your drivers safe and your vehicles in peak condition.

Consider off-road options

One of the major mistakes many fleet operators make is relying on tires designed for road operations for off-road driving. These tires aren’t built for rough terrain and they can cause a safety problem for the vehicle if you drive on rough terrain over multiple days. Off-road tires are designed with hardier rubber compounds and stone ejectors to remove debris.

Gain extra control with steer tires

Another important consideration is maintaining steering control during wet and wintery conditions. And that’s why many fleet operators are now adding steer tires to their vehicles. Steer tires are designed specifically to be mounted in the front axle position and help channel water away from under the tire surface to keep the rubber in contact with the road. One aspect of steer tires to consider is appropriate maintenance. When you experience a flat with a steer tire, you’ll recognize it immediately as the vehicle won’t move normally on the road and will be more difficult to control. This means it’s important to buy high-quality steer tires designed to withstand rough road conditions and to maintain them at proper inflation pressures.


The Brands that Service Tire Truck Centers Carry

With so many options in commercial truck tires, which brand(s) are best for your fleet?  Below is a listing of the brands that STTC carries at each of our locations. Each brand provides lasting value at their respective price point.

  1. Michelin Michelin is the leader in tire technology and design. They have an extensive line up of tread designs and rubber compounds meaning they have a tire for every trucking application. They warranty their tires for 3 retreads, 7 years, and 700,000 miles. Learn more about their line up here!/
  2. Goodyear Goodyear produces top tier products and has a similar warranty as Michelin tires. Goodyear also has a wide range of innovative products for every application that are backed by substantial warranties. Learn more about their line up here
  3. Yokohama

Yokohama is a bit more specialized and economical, but their premier steer and drive products are among the best on the market.  This brand is backed by a two retread warranty meaning that the tire and casing provide lasting value to the owner. Learn more about their tires here

  1. BFGoodrich

BFGoodrich is owned and manufactured by Michelin with the same machinery used in the production of Michelin tires. The casings have a 2 retread warranty and their tread designs are newer iterations of time tested designs. This is a more economical approach to a value driven tire. Learn more about their line up here

  1. Cooper Roadmaster

We have been very impressed with improvements made with the Cooper Roadmaster line. Their flagship tires have been tested against and out-performed major brands such as Michelin and Bridgestone for some operations. Their casing is warrantied and we suggest this line for more economical approaches to getting a quality tire that will prove itself with a long run out and lasting value. Learn more about their line up here


How To Make The Investment In Your Commercial Truck Tires Last

With all costs of operating a trucking company going up, and fuel costs consistently volatile, fleet managers and drivers are consistently looking for ways to lower their costs. While often overlooked, a truck’s tires can have a major impact on their overall profitability. Properly managed and maintained, tires can reduce costs – but poor choices can lead to needless waste.
Truck Fleet Cost Reduction Checklist

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From buying the right new tires for the right application to saving money through tire retreading, there’s a lot you can do with your truck tires that will lower your overall operating costs.

How Your Tires Can Lower Operating Costs

1- Keeping tires properly inflated

This is such a commonplace maintenance issue, yet we constantly see both fleet managers and owner-operators who overlook it: Always keep your tires properly inflated. It doesn’t take very long to double-check inflation, and many modern trucks include tire pressure sensors. Tires which are properly inflated will have lower rolling resistance, higher fuel efficiency, will perform optimally, and wear more evenly.  All of these will reduce the need for replacements.

2- Sufficient tread Depth

A tire with worn-out treads isn’t only at risk of experiencing a blowout on the road – it’s also costing you money. If the tires are continually worn down, you will eventually lose a casing (which can be viewed as an asset) that can be either retreaded or sold for a casing credit. Also, very low treads will reduce traction and braking ability.

3- Tire retreading

One of the more pernicious myths about tire retreading is that it will lower tire performance or fuel efficiency. This is simply not true. When you have a tire retreaded by a certified shop, the result is a tire which is at least as good -if not better- than it was originally. Retreads cost far less than new tires while delivering excellent, like new, on-road performance.  Also, some retreads are even SmartWay certified.

Driving Habits that Can Extend the Life of Commercial Truck Tires

Commercial truck tires are only able to perform as long as the vehicle owner maintains them effectively. And so it’s important to understand how to extend tire life and performance. Our team has significant experience in this area, and in this latest post, we explain more about how to extend the life of commercial truck tires.

Rotate the tires regularly

One simple way to keep tires in top condition for the years ahead is to rotate tires regularly. The rotating process ensures that tires wear evenly across all sides. We know that front tires wear more quickly on the shoulders and rear tires wear quicker in the middle. Rotating tires so the pressure is away from these areas can help keep them in optimal condition.

Offer clear guidance regarding maintenance issues

It’s important that your team knows how to respond should they experience maintenance issues while on the road. Do they try to repair the tire themselves or do they wait for assistance from a specialist within the company? Make sure that teams are trained for all maintenance challenges and that any work they complete on the tire will be completed to the highest of standards.

Monitor inflation carefully

Proper tire inflation is essential to the safe operation of the vehicle. We also know that tires that are underinflated wear more quickly on the tire shoulders, while an overinflated tire will wear quickly in the middle. Making sure that each tire is inflated according to its specifications can help minimize blowouts and other maintenance challenges in the miles ahead.

Purchase quality products

All the maintenance recommended by industry professionals isn’t going to have a significant impact on your operations if you don’t begin by purchasing quality commercial truck tires for your vehicle. Make sure you take the time to buy the right tires for the various vehicle applications within your fleet and speak with several manufacturers and suppliers about the options available.

Complete comprehensive visual inspections

The team working with your commercial vehicles should have significant experience completing visual inspections of the truck tires. Make sure that the company has a dedicated process each driver must go through before they set out on the road. This can ensure that tire problems such as under-inflation and non-alignment can be resolved within the shortest possible timeframe.

Sign Your Fleet Up For A Comprehensive Preventative Truck Tire Maintenance Program

STTC’s comprehensive preventative truck tire maintenance programs are designed to minimize downtime and keep vehicles running at peak performance.

Performed by certified STTC personnel, preventative maintenance is customized to meet your needs but typically includes:

  • Inflation and flat-tire checks using calibrated air gauges
  • Tread depth measurement
  • Inspection of tires for damage such as flat spots, cuts, abrasion, tread lifts, mismatched tires, unusual wear patterns, etc.
  • Truck Wheel inspection to detect misaligned valve stems, spun wheels, missing valve caps, damaged wheels, leaking oil seals, etc.
  • Tightening of wheel nuts to correct torque
  • Checks for other vehicle damage that could cause downtime

Other Things You Can Do To Maximize The Return On Your Commercial Truck Tire Investment

  • Install Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Perform Regular Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Reconditioning, as needed

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