Flat Repairs

Faulty flat repair can cause almost 50% of tire failures. Improper repair is also one of the major reasons for casing rejection during the retread process. Even though this represents a huge expense for the transportation industry, tire repair specifications are often overlooked when fleets design their tire maintenance programs. STTC can ensure that you stop losing money due to improper flat repair.

Plug & Patch Flat Repair

The most accepted method of repair for tire penetrations less than 3/8" in diameter is the "plug and patch" repair system used by STTC. The "plug" portion stops moisture from entering the belt package of the casing and the "patch" portion repairs the hole so the tire can hold air again. This repair process can be time-consuming due to the fact that the tire must be dismounted from the wheel assembly, but STTC’s goal is to ultimately save you money by reducing your downtime and providing more retreadable casings.

Section Flat Repair

Tire injuries larger than 3/8" in diameter or any penetrations to the sidewall require a "section" repair performed at a certified STTC retread facility.