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Tire Retreading Translates to Giant Environmental Benefits

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Tire Retreading Translates to Giant Environmental Benefits

Retreading tires is not only great for fleet managers looking to save money on their tire expenses: Doing so is actually a great way for commercial trucking operations to do their part for the environment. Tire retreading is one of the largest and most successful recycling programs operating in the United States today, and choosing retread tires for your fleet has a powerful and positive impact on the environment.

Environmental Benefits of Tire Retreading

Retread tires are created by re-using the old casings from worn-out tires. Pre-molded and vulcanized rubber with like new tread designs is applied to casings and cured to create a retread. Besides the obvious material and cost savings associated with tire retreads, this process has been linked with significant environmental benefits, including:

  • Increased oil conservation
  • Steel, natural rubber, and carbon black conservation
  • Decreased number of tires in landfills

Tires left to rot in landfills pose a huge threat to the environment as raw materials break down and permeate the soil and groundwater. With tire retreading, these materials are reused, keeping them from causing unnecessary damage to the earth.

Tire Retreading for All Applications

Modern-day retreading practices have evolved to enable tire retreading across multiple applications. Gone are the days of pre-cut mold curing limiting the industry’s ability to create retreads in various sizes. Current retreading practices allow for the creation of any tire size, including aviation tires, military tires, commercial truck tires, and OTR tires.

In fact, United States Executive Order 13149 (Greening the Government Through Federal Fleet and Transportation Efficiency) encourages the use of tire retreading across multiple governmental agencies. The statute states, “Agencies shall acquire and use United States EPA-designated Comprehensive Procurement Guideline items, including but not limited to retread tires, when such products are reasonably available and meet applicable performance standards.”

Fleet managers looking for tire retreading services across multiple applications can save money by partnering with a provider and developing a preventative tire maintenance plan for their commercial trucks. Doing so not only provides them with easy access to the industry’s most advanced retreading products and services, but gives them a guideline through which they can extend the life of their tire retreads and save even more money.

STTC Tire Retreading Service Provider

STTC has provided top-rated tire retreading services since its founding in 1955. What began as a small retread shop in the rear of a retail tire store has become a massive operation responsible for creating some of the industry’s finest tire retreads available. Our advanced retreading techniques result in safe, reliable tires your fleet can enjoy for years to come through our preventative tire maintenance schedule customized to your team’s specific needs. Contact STTC today to find out more about our tire retreading products and services!

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