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Tire Disposal: How to Legally Dispose of Tires in PA

How to Legally Dispose of Tires in PA

How to Legally Dispose of Tires in PA

For fleet managers, ensuring proper tire disposal methods are carried out across their operation is paramount to avoiding legal fees that could harm their bottom line. Pennsylvania has its own regulations for proper tire disposal, and fleet managers are encouraged to review the state’s specific requirements to ensure disposal mandates are satisfied. Alternatively, fleets can opt to enroll in a truck tire retreading program to get continued use out of tires that would otherwise need to be thrown away.

Methods for Proper Tire Disposal

In Pennsylvania, there are specific regulations established to ensure tire disposal is properly carried out. Fleet managers seeking to get rid of their commercial truck tires need to follow the guidelines below:


  • Step One: Remove the air from your tires completely and remove them from the rim. Some recycling stations will accept tires still on the rim, but it may be more expensive to recycle them in this way.
  • Step Two: Bring your tires to an approved site listed by the Department of Environmental Protection or a Commercial Tire dealership.

It is illegal to dispose of whole waste tires in either a landfill or mixed in with landfill-destined waste. Fleets operating in Pennsylvania can avoid legal fines for improper tire disposal by partnering with a truck tire retreading service provider. This allows commercial trucks to get continued use out of tires that would otherwise need to be disposed of according to Pennsylvania state law and the Environmental Protection Agency and to properly dispose of those unfit for additional retreading.

Reasons for Tire Disposal Restrictions

Tire disposal restrictions exist due to the impact that improper waste management can have on the environment. Stockpiled tires can create unnecessary health, environmental, and safety issues, including the following:

  • Tires left to pile up in landfills can trap methane gas which can destroy landfill liners and allow waste to pollute surface and ground water.
  • Leaving tires to rot in wet soils can allow vulcanization and rubber chemicals in tires to leak into groundwater.
  • Tires make great homes for rats and other disease-infested rodents.
  • Illegally burning tires or dumping them in unsafe areas can lead to significant ground and air pollution.

Proper disposal techniques ensure that all tire parts are recycled for continued use without negatively impacting the environment. One of the best methods for recycling tires involves truck tire retreading from a trusted service provider.

Truck Tire Retreading & Disposal Assistance

STTC provides truck tire retreading services to fleets looking to extend the life of their commercial tires. Through our advanced process performed by our TIA-certified tire technicians, we recycle the whole tire for continued use on the road. Not only does this bode well for tire disposal regulations, but it maximizes your tire investments and increases your fleet’s tire lifespan. Discover what a partnership with STTC’s truck tire retreading department can do for your fleet by contacting us online today!


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