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TIA Will resume training classes next month

TIA Will resume training classes next month

TIA Will resume training classes next month

The last few months have seen the cancellation of the Tire Industry Association’s training courses. Thankfully, with COVID-19 guidelines easing up in some locations, TIA has rescheduled the courses, including earthmover tire training, for the next few months.


TIA will be conducting the following courses: Automotive Tire Service (ATS), Commercial Tire Service (CTS), Earthmover Tire Service (ETS) and Farm Tire Service (FTS). Take note of the dates below if you would like you or your drivers to enroll:


Advanced Hands-On FTS (July 21 – 23, Aug 11-13) in Garner, Iowa

This course is designed to equip technicians with the necessary know-how in operating service trucks, hydraulic tools, and other equipment involved in servicing tires. If you are keen on hands-on training for you or your technicians, this is the course to enroll in.

Certified ETS Instructor Class (Aug. 3-7) in Garner, Iowa

If you own a shop and are interested in expanding and training your own technicians, the Certified ETS Instructor Class is for you. This particular course is designed to provide hands-on training as well as instructor certification to those who complete it. Graduates can then train their own technicians and certify them at the 300 level.

Certified CTS Instructor Class (Sept. 15-18, Dec. 8 – 11) in Garner, Iowa


Similar to the ETS instructor training, the CTS instructor class provides attendees with information regarding servicing medium/heavy truck tires as well as how to impart this knowledge to their own technicians. This is a four-day course.


Certified ATS Instructor Class (Dec. 8-11) in Detroit


For those interested in modern vehicles and light trucks, the ATS instructor class is the best course to provide in-depth servicing training. Course graduates would also be certified to teach their field technicians at a 300-level.


Importance of TIA’s Tire Servicing Trainings


If you are a fleet owner or a tire servicing company owner, equipping your technicians with necessary tire servicing training can be beneficial for your operations.   If you choose not to train your in-house technicians, or do not have in-house technicians, choosing a tire service provider such as STTC – who puts it’s technicians through TIA certification – is a wise move.

Help at a Moment’s Notice


Especially if you manage a fleet, finding a technician that knows the ins and outs of tire service can be a challenge in a moment’s notice. Having an expert on your payroll would save you the time and hassle of sourcing one when you need. While the training does come with a hefty fee, it is well-worth the price tag.

Guaranteed OSHA Adherence

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict guidelines on fleet and trucking operations. Failing to meet these guidelines can result in dire consequences ranging from hefty fines to company shutdown. Training your technicians would enable your business to keep up with the changes in OSHA rules.

Training Protects the Integrity of the Business


Most companies choose to do business with fleets that have a good track record. One way to build your business’ reputation is to provide high quality training to your technicians. Taking the time to educate your workers and equip them with necessary information and tools gives  prospective customers the confidence to do business with you.


COVID-19 is still a current problem. While the health and safety of your workers should be your number one priority, TIA’s training courses is easily next in line.


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