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The Ultimate Check List for Managing Commercial Truck Tire Inventory

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The Ultimate Check List for Managing Commercial Truck Tire Inventory

As a fleet manager, it’s your responsibility to maintain your commercial truck tires. This means making sure your current inventory is safe, durable and reliable. Many commercial fleet managers struggle to extend the lifespan of their tire inventory. However, following these Check List for Managing commercial truck tire inventory and simple steps can increase your tires’ longevity and ensure optimal safety and reliability on the road.

Train Your Drivers to Check Their Commercial Truck Tires

While commercial truck tires’ health is largely a fleet manager’s responsibility, teamwork can go a long way in maintaining tire integrity. To make sure all bases are covered, use a Check List for Managing Commercial Truck Tires. Train your drivers to check their commercial truck tires regularly while on the road, including:

  • Before Departure: Ensure proper inflation and check tread depth before leaving. Drivers should also perform a visual inspection at this time, scanning for physical damage or possible repair needs.
  • During Trip: At each truck stop, have drivers check the tire inflation, tread depth, and perform an additional visual inspection.
  • Upon Arrival: Have your drivers check the tire inflation, tread depth, and perform a visual inspection once they arrive at their destination.

Consider having your drivers log their tire pressure and tread depth at each interval, as well as providing detailed notes on any signs of unusual tread wear, cuts, rim damage or other impending issues. Having clear comparisons at every step of your trip will help you identify potential repair needs before further escalation.

Monitor Commercial Truck Tire Tread & Sidewalls

The best indication of your tires’ health is the condition of their sidewalls and tread. Regular checks of these areas are essential, and a Check List for Managing Commercial Truck Tires can be an incredibly useful tool to ensure you don’t miss anything. Even a minor cut or puncture can result in complete tire failure, increasing downtime and decreasing profitability for your fleet. You should also be aware of excess moisture building up around your sidewalls on winter-treated roads as this can cause serious corrosive damage. If moisture is found to be present, be sure to wipe it down to prevent against corrosion.

A tire’s tread is critical for safe driving on the road. Tires should be changed immediately if their tread depth is worn down to 4/32 of an inch or less. Moreover, each tire’s tread design should be identical for optimal traction on the road.

Outsource Commercial Truck Tire Repairs to STTC

By outsourcing preventative commercial truck tire maintenance and repairs to STTC, fleets can better manage and extend the life of their inventory. With STTC’s preventative tire maintenance programs, retreading capabilities, and asset tracking, you’ll never have to worry about your inventory’s integrity again.

Create an Inventory List

You can’t manage your fleet without an accurate inventory. Track each vehicle’s maintenance schedule and information to stay in compliance with federal laws and to help you manage your fleet more effectively. A proactive preventative maintenance plan keeps your fleet running at peak efficiency. It will reduce breakdowns and emergency service calls. You may still need a mobile tire service for those unexpected problems. Having an inventory log that details maintenance and other information can save you a lot of time and stress when things do go awry.

Have a Vehicle Schedule

As part of your inventory log, create a vehicle maintenance schedule that manages regular maintenance through the year and at every change of the different seasons. Create a checklist that includes each system of the truck from the air conditioning to the CV joints and when each part needs to be checked or replaced. Use mileage and engine hours to pull a truck out of rotation for maintenance. At the beginning of each season, there may be additional preparations for the weather. Make sure managers use this system to keep up with checks and repairs to keep trucks operating efficiently.

Go Digital

Fleet maintenance software uses GPS data and truck information for real-time information. Utilizing the technology available to you can make managing a fleet even easier. This software can provide alerts when a truck needs maintenance based on mileage or engine hours, whatever criteria you designate. It can also give you critical information about trucks to know when an issue might be arising. You can get reports about fuel efficiency and maintenance costs to have a better understanding of your expenses to find solutions. Tracking maintenance shouldn’t be overwhelming when you have the right tools. This software can be accessed anywhere the truck is, regardless of who is working or not. Your drivers can provide data to service providers when something does break down.

Empower Drivers to Report Issues

Even with preventative maintenance, trucks may still have problems outside of the plan. Give drivers the ability to report problems before it becomes a full-blown breakdown. Make it easy to report issues to maintenance and find ways to encourage reports without penalty. Drivers are often the first line of defense against breakdowns, but if they are told to overlook minor issues, they won’t be as willing to use their time to address problems. In some fleets, this can mean a major change of attitude from the top. If you want to reduce downtime, you must be proactive. STTC’s mobile tire service is easy to access and use, for drivers and fleet managers alike. Use it to enjoy peace of mind!

We’ll provide you with the detailed information you need for your tires. And when you need a new set, have them professionally retreaded or select from our wide range of top-quality brands and products. Discover how easy it is to manage your tire inventory by contacting STTC about our programs and services today!

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to learn more about mobile tire service and roadside assistance.

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