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The Nuances of Proper Commercial Tire Maintenance

The Nuances of Proper Commercial Tire Maintenance

The Nuances of Proper Commercial Tire Maintenance

As fleet managers work to extend the life of their tires and get the most from their commercial tire investment, the importance of a proper maintenance plan is more crucial than ever. However, there are many additional factors that can cause fleet managers to neglect their maintenance needs in favor of a perceived better bottom line. With the right maintenance plan, however, commercial fleets can enjoy a longer tire lifespan while still meeting their other business objectives.

Underlying Causes for Poor Commercial Tire Maintenance

Over the past few decades especially, the commercial trucking industry has changed dramatically. With online shoppers demanding products at tighter deadlines, fleets are under increased pressure to deliver goods at rapid rates. This pressure can sometimes place drivers and their managers in complex situations, such as when a blowout on a dual axle needs immediate roadside replacement.

In these cases, managers can be tempted to simply replace one tire and ignore the consequences of a dual axle running on imbalanced tread depth. While this might seem like a financially wise decision to make in the moment, these tires can succumb to quicker wear and tear, presenting increased maintenance and repair needs in the future. All aspects of commercial tire maintenance and performance considerations should be top-of-mind for fleet managers, as this will help them save money and increase their bottom line.

Tips for Successful Commercial Tire Maintenance

Practicing proper tire maintenance takes commitment from both drivers and fleet managers. The following are just some ways in which commercial trucking fleets can better tend to their tire maintenance needs:

  • Ensure you select the correct tire size, carrying capacity, and service type for your commercial tires.
  • Always keep cold inflation tire pressure at optimal levels according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Inspect tires visually and physically before, during, and after each delivery.
  • Be sure all drivers abide by the tire manufacturer’s recommended speed rating while traveling.

As fleets further consider their commercial tire maintenance needs, it’s a good idea for them to partner with a preventative maintenance provider. Securing a partner in preventative maintenance will provide them with regular access to top-quality tire technicians at an affordable rate, resulting in better tire care and increased profitability.

STTC for Your Commercial Tire Preventative Maintenance Partner

For affordable, expert tire maintenance, STTC has your fleet covered. Our team provides you with a customized commercial tire preventative maintenance plan, creating a schedule that’s specifically tailored to your fleet’s needs. With the industry’s finest TIA-certified tire technicians readily available, STTC will provide you with the highest-quality service every time. Contact our team to find out more about how we can improve your commercial tire maintenance and increase your bottom line!


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