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Sustainable Trends for Tires in the Trucking Industry

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High-quality, durable, and efficient tires are the lifeblood of commercial trucks. Sustainable trends for tires have become increasingly important as one of the biggest line items in the budget for a commercial trucking company. Thinking of tires as an asset to be utilized efficiently can help you find new ways to reduce your cost-per-mile per tire. Tire retreading is just one way to get more out of your commercial tires. Learn more about sustainability in the trucking industry.

What’s Driving Sustainability in Tires?

Governments around the world have committed to reducing emissions over the next two decades. This has led to many innovations in sustainability, especially with tires. Increasing tire sustainability keeps tire waste out of landfills, but for your business, it also increases your bottom line through more fuel efficiency and better asset management.

Here are other reasons trucking companies are consciously taking steps towards greater sustainability.

  1. Government regulations – As more communities are looking to minimize emissions and to reduce waste in landfills, governments are requiring visible changes in the trucking industry.
  2. Awareness – Industry leading trucking companies are more aware of their carbon footprint, which pressures them to take action.
  3. Rising costs – Sustainability isn’t just about recycling; it’s also about getting the most out of your resources. Maximizing fuel efficiency and tire life saves money for your company.
  4. Reducing empty miles – Driving your trucks without a load costs money. In the industry, statistics show that reducing empty miles by 1% can save 100 gallons of fuel.

How Can Tires Be More Eco-Friendly?

Tire companies have many avenues to increase sustainability in their company and align with sustainable trends for tires. Supporting environmental initiatives in the trucking industry by keeping tires out of landfills is a crucial step. As your fleet extends the life of your tires, it not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to the reduction of new tire manufacturing. Finding ways to make tires last longer is not only beneficial for your organization’s bottom line but also crucial for the environment, reflecting the ongoing sustainable trends for tires in the industry.

New Materials for Tire Manufacturing

Natural rubber may be biodegradable and renewable, but there are drawbacks to using this material to make new tires. Many are concerned about deforestation and the land and water used to grow rubber trees. Many manufacturers are experimenting with more eco-friendly materials to make new tires, such as rice husks, soybean oils, and dandelions, as well as recycled old tires.

Tire Retreading

Retreads have been popular in the trucking industry since the beginning. Tire retreading technology has advanced over the past century to make retreads safer and more durable, especially when combined with a rigorous tire management program that ensures regular maintenance. Retread tires reuse the core of the tire, saving your company money.

Telematics for Tires

Information software plays a pivotal role in aligning with sustainable trends for tires by monitoring tire health and ensuring their longevity. Sensors discreetly placed in tires actively send crucial data to the dashboard or SIM card, alerting drivers promptly about low tire pressure or potential issues. This proactive approach not only enhances efficiency but also aids in accident prevention and improves overall driver performance, emphasizing the importance of sustainable trends for tires in the trucking industry.

Partner with Commercial Tire Experts in Sustainability

Retread tires cost much less than their newer counterparts. STTC has been in the retread business for over 50 years. Our experts can help you reduce your fleet’s tire budget to increase your bottom line and participate more actively in the trucking industry’s sustainability efforts.

Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to discuss tire retreading. Come tour our plant to understand how retread tires save money and why they are safe for all types of commercial vehicles.

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