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Supporting the trucking sector on the road to recovery

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Supporting the trucking sector on the road to recovery

Supporting the trucking sector on the road to recovery

Supporting the trucking sector

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in most countries around the globe. At present, the pandemic has taken the lives of almost a million individuals. In the States, over 212,000 people have succumbed to the disease.  There is no denying the severity of the current health crisis.


However, more than the rising death toll, the siege of COVID-19 has also affected the economy. Most industries have taken a hit because of the lockdowns brought on by the rampant spread of the coronavirus. Even the fleet and trucking industries have had to adjust to the new normal. For this reason, it is necessary that we support the trucking sector on the road to recovery

At the height of the shelter-in-place-orders, most trucking companies operated at a limited capacity. Nevertheless, demand for the transportation of goods is at an all-time high. This means that most fleet managers, dispatchers, and drivers have had to work longer hours to meet the needs of the general public.


Without a doubt, the current pandemic has shed light on the need for the fleet industry to improve their operational processes. Thankfully, there are ways to pivot operations to meet the expectations at this present juncture:



Take Advantage of Deals on Fleet Upgrades


Most industries are struggling to stay afloat especially during these trying times. In order to stay in business, tire and maintenance companies are most likely running deals to dispose of inventory. In fact, the STTC, otherwise knowns as Service Tire Truck Centers, is offering promotions on various tires.


While it might seem counter-productive to spend during a pandemic, taking advantage of discounts on tire upgrades, commercial truck roadside assistance plans, and other fleet necessities can save you money in the long run.


Create a Playbook for the New Normal


Truth be told, there is no returning to “normal” once the pandemic has blown over. The trucking industry has been changed by the crisis and it is important, as a fleet owner or manager, to adjust to the status quo.


In creating a new playbook for your operations, it is vital to stay current with the ever-changing COVID-19 trucking guidelines. You should be ready to pivot in order to accommodate for the safety of your employees and customers.


During this time, it is best to consider a work-from-home option for your dispatchers and office personnel if at all possible. This way, not only do you safeguard your employee’s health, but you might be able to save costs by cutting down on your office utilities usage. In the same breath, adjusting your drivers’ schedules to accommodate for longer rest periods and setting a one-person per vehicle rule might be able to circumvent the spread of the disease.


Invest in the Health of Your Employees


Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. There is no undermining the importance of keeping them safe and healthy. Make sure to provide them with necessary protective equipment that will allow them to work with minimal risk of infection.


The siege of COVID-19 is no joke. However, with the strategies above you and your business would have a great chance of achieving success during and after the current crisis.

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