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Emergency Response Plans: Dealing with Sudden Tire Failures in a Fleet

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Sudden Tire Failures in a Fleet

Tire blowouts are often cited as the most common reason for truck breakdowns. When a truck has 18 tires, all of which are not designed to last forever, it’s easy to see why tire problems easily become one of a fleet’s biggest concerns and expenses. Having a plan to deal with tire blowouts can reduce stress on drivers and dispatchers when one does occur. A comprehensive repair, service, and maintenance plan can also reduce the expenses involved in fixing tires. A mobile tire service can help you manage repairs quickly and efficiently. Here are some tips for dealing with sudden tire failures on the road.

A Reliable Tire Service Plan Offers Peace of Mind

In a crisis, people can panic easily, or step up to the plate. Having a policy for dealing with tire failure gives everyone the opportunity to be successful with handling unforeseen circumstances. This plan should be written down with step-by-step instructions for drivers. Include the necessary resources for them, such as a mobile tire service that can be contacted immediately to make repairs.

Train and Educate Stakeholders

Drivers and dispatchers need to be trained on any emergency policies to respond quickly and correctly. Train drivers how to use the app to contact a mobile tire service before they need it. When drivers know they are adequately supported in a tire emergency, they will have greater peace of mind and be safer on and off the road. Customers will be less stressed because they know your company is reliable, efficient, and can be trusted to get their delivery to them as soon as possible.

Use Technology to Monitor Tire Health

Modern tire technology can provide a great deal of information about tires in real-time. Fleet managers and drivers can be alerted to problems much quicker when telematics are installed in tires. Drivers can monitor tire pressure more effectively with information sent to the driver or the fleet manager. Being proactive can prevent blowouts or at least reduce the severity of one.

Focus on Preventative Maintenance on Tires

Preventing emergencies is key to ensuring smooth operations. A proactive approach to tire maintenance significantly minimizes the risk of truck breakdowns and highway accidents. Before each trip, prioritize checking tire tread and air pressure to identify and address potential issues. Allocate sufficient time for your drivers to conduct thorough tire inspections before hitting the road.

Implementing a robust tire asset management program is essential for maintaining the longevity of your fleet’s tires. Regularly monitor tire mileage, and when they reach a specific threshold, promptly remove and opt for retreading to extend their lifespan. This proactive strategy not only enhances safety on the road but also contributes to overall cost savings for your commercial fleet.

Partner with Commercial Tire Experts

Tire blowouts may seem like an uncomplicated issue, but the ramifications can be disastrous. Drivers who know how to handle an emergency blowout are going to be better prepared. STTC Road Assist, a mobile tire service, can be your first line of defense in your plan to get trucks back on the road quickly.

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