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Farm Vehicles – What to Know About Stubble Damage To Commercial Truck Tires

Farm Vehicles – What to Know About Stubble Damage To Commercial Truck Tires

Stubble damage is a common issue for farm trucks as debris from the previous season can harm their tires. Post-harvest corn stalks are particularly tough on commercial truck tires. When in need of replacements, turn to STTC for quality tires.

Farm trucks work hard through different seasons. Driving over soil is pretty easy on commercial tires, but debris left over at the end of the season can damage truck tires. Stubble damage occurs when tractors and other farm vehicles drive over the stalks from last season. Post-harvest corn stalks are extremely tough. This vegetation will damage truck tires. When you’re searching online for ‘commercial truck tires near me’, think of STTC—we know tires. 

Types of Stubble Damage On Tires

Stubble damage weakens tires by damaging the rubber on the outside of the tires. It occurs in two different ways. 

  • Long-term stubble damage occurs over time, much like erosion. Every time the tire passes over the stalks or debris in the field, it causes the tire to lose small bits of rubber. This damage may go unnoticed because it happens gradually. 
  • Instant damages are punctures or holes in the rubber or sidewall. Corn stalks, tree roots, or other debris can push right through the rubber. When this happens, a flat tire may completely shut you down in the field. STTC offers mobile tire service for these instances.


Avoid Stubble Damage to Your Commercial Tires 

Tires are going to break down eventually, but you can prevent some damage by monitoring your tires. Inspect tires for worn and uneven tread before using the vehicle. When your commercial truck tires are nearing the end of their lifespan, replace the tires to avoid a breakdown in the field. Some tire experts recommend replacing tires in the winter so the rubber can harden before the tires are used in the field. Don’t search for commercial tires near me. Just remember to call STTC for a tire management program to save money on your tires with our tire services. 

Manage How You Drive Your Farm Vehicles 

  • Don’t drive over icy stubble, because frozen debris is less flexible and more likely to damage tires. 
  • Use a device that crushes or rolls the stubble to reduce its propensity to damage the tires. 
  • Leave stalks higher because the tire can push these stalks away instead of rolling over a short stalk that is primed to puncture a tire. 
  • Run combines and tractors between rows. 
  • Don’t run combines backwards. 
  • Keep tires properly inflated. 

Buy Stubble Resistant Tires  

Stubble-resistant tires are made to be firmer than regular tires to avoid punctures and damage from stubble. Both the sidewall and tread are designed to handle the debris that could damage the tires. Tire sealant can be applied to repair erosion damage. Ask our team about stubble-resistant tires when scheduling tire retreading so that your tires match the job they need to do. 

Well-Maintained Tires Save You Money and Time 

STTC has almost 70 years in the tire business. We are the tire experts for commercial vehicles. Whether you’re looking for skid tires, commercial tires near me, or light truck tires, we’ve got it covered. Let our experts help you choose the best tires for your needs. 

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online for commercial tires and all tire-related services.


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