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STTC Highlights Shifting Trends in the Tire Retreading Market

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STTC Highlights Trends in the Tire Retreading Market

STTC Highlights Trends in the Tire Retreading Market

Bethlehem, PA-based STTC is now highlighting shifting trends within the retreading marketplace. The company has significant experience in the tire retreading industry and has begun showcasing data released from within the industry in 2018.

Many top independent providers of tire retreads have become part of larger networks at Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin and other major tire firms. This process has helped create larger markets for providers to tap into the larger company’s distribution networks for their products.


Industry challenges


This year, low-cost products being imported from abroad are putting pressure on domestic retreading companies. Some Chinese companies are offering new tires at the cost of a retread and in some cases even lower. However, the foreign-made tires are of poor quality and have been known to cause significant issues for fleets relying on them to run their vehicles. Most cheap Chinese imports are made with much lesser quality than large name brands and do not have the same retreadability, thus reducing their lifespan and value. Studies have shown that while 64% of U.S. companies have purchased cheaper foreign tires in recent years, only 23% will continue to purchase them.

Carriers are also now carefully committing to their environmental initiatives. And this means that many companies are investing significantly in retread tires as opposed to new tires as a way to mitigate their impact on the environment in the long-term.


Reliable retreading companies


In choosing retread tires, it’s important for companies to work with brands that are recognized in the marketplace for their quality tire production and testing processes. The team at STTC are experts in this area of the industry. To discover more about tire retreading and the significant value of the STTC product line, call their team now at 610-991-8641 or visit

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