All trucks will need repairs down the road. Good maintenance may help reduce some of the more costly and emergency repair needs, though. Having a plan to manage your truck maintenance is key, but it is also helpful to ensure drivers fully understand common early warning signs that indicate the need for help sooner. Fortunately, your fleet can depend on the commercial truck roadside assistance services from STTC. 

Key Signs It’s Time to Get Repairs 

Look at these early warning signs that could indicate it is time to get a vehicle into a repair service right away. Though these are not the only signs that repairs are needed, they can prove to be very important indicators.

  1. Leaking of Fluids: Noticing fluid leaks of any type requires careful inspection and repairs. This includes leaks of oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. Without addressing these, breakdowns could occur, as could damage to the engine itself. Before taking off on any leg of the journey, check for fluid leaks. 
  2. Fuel Economy Decreases: Significant changes in fuel economy, such as filling up more often, could indicate wear and tear on various components. A tune-up may help identify the underlying cause so repairs can occur.
  3. Sounds of Gears Grinding: Specifically, grinding gears could indicate damage is occurring within the transmission that needs careful attention right away. You may notice jerking movements, a grinding sound, and lagging gear changes in the transmission on roadways. It may also become difficult to switch gears at all. 
  4. Difference in Exhaust Emissions: Notice the smoke coming from the exhaust. If it changes, that’s an indication of concern. This usually includes blue, white, or black smoke. It could be related to the engine’s functionality. Black smoke may indicate the wrong fuel combination for combustion. Blue and gray smoke means the engine could be burning oil, or leaks exist. White smoke may mean the truck is not burning enough fuel, which could indicate a coolant leak. 
  5. Issues With Tires: Changes in tire condition and feel can indicate a concern as well. This includes turning problems, uneven wear on tires, and tire damage, including tread damage. 

What to Do When There’s a Problem

In situations where these symptoms develop, it’s essential to get timely help. Commercial truck roadside assistance is often the best solution for immediate and emergent problems, such as tire failures. It’s best not to wait until the next load arrives to get repairs inspected. This is very important where there is a sudden change in driving conditions and quality. 

Some of these problems could increase the risk of accidents occurring, such as a tire blowout. In other cases, the damage to the vehicle can worsen over time if not addressed soon enough.

Don’t Wait to Get Help for Your Vehicle

When you need help with your fleet vehicles right away, having a company lined up for commercial truck roadside assistance is critical. STTC offers 24/7 emergency road service that can address any of these concerns quickly. 

Contact us now at 610-954-8473 if you need commercial truck tire repairs or replacement.


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