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Service Tire Truck Centers Accredited to Repair Earthmover Tires

Service Tire Truck Centers is now accredited to repair Earthmover Tires. Michelin, Tech International and STTC have worked together to create new industry standards and a sustainable repair process to ensure safety and quality in repairing earthmover tires.

As the first company to receive this accreditation, STTC continues to invest and excel in the Earthmover service industry. STTC’s state-of-the-art Earthmover repair equipment ensures remaining tire life, exceptional damage protection, unique warranty and casing durability.

About Service Tire Truck Centers

Service Tire Truck Centers has been serving the transportation industry with quality products and services since 1955. STTC helps customers minimize downtime and control costs while keeping their vehicles running at peak performance. STTC’s customer commitment is to provide solutions and information to allow our customers to make confident business decisions on how to increase vehicle uptime, increase vehicle utilization, and increase tire durability.

Service Tire Truck Centers provides the following services:

  • Road Assist™ 24/7/365 nationwide emergency road service
  • Over 40 convenient locations throughout the Northeastern U.S.
  • World-class Michelin® retreading technology
  • New tires from the world’s most respected manufacturers
  • Custom wheel and rim reconditioning
  • More than 250 truck service vehicles
  • Highly experienced certified tire technicians and tire service specialists

Service is our signature. 


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