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Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance in Autumn & Winter

Semi truck roadside assistance in autumn & winter

Semi truck roadside assistance in autumn & winter

Only those who sit behind the wheel of a commercial truck can truly understand how frustrating breakdowns can be. Aside from wasting time, getting stranded along the road for extended periods will cost you a considerable amount of money, either due to spoilage of goods, delays in delivery, lost productivity or further truck damage.

Regardless of the type of vehicles in your fleet, you need reliable roadside assistance as a backup for your drivers whenever they’re rolling.

Whether your drivers are traveling cross country or just across town, semi-truck roadside assistance in winter is essential, especially when the conditions are somewhat unforgiving. From poor grip caused by icy roads to poor visibility, truck drivers encounter numerous challenges in winter, increasing the likelihood of getting stuck along the way.

Common Issues That Require Roadside Assistance

On the road, multiple things can jeopardize your fleet and long-haul business. Some of the issues drivers encounter that require emergency semi-truck roadside assistance include:

  • Dead battery – when the headlights begin to dim, it’s an indicator that the truck battery is failing. The battery can discharge below the functional level and bring the journey to a halt in the middle of nowhere.
  • Flat tire – pulling out a spare and replacing a flat tire is a simple task when driving a small car.  But dealing with deflated truck tires is a different issue altogether, due to the sheer bulk of the tires and super high tire air pressure plus a roadside work zone can be dangerous. You need a professional road assistance provider to intervene.
  • Truck lock – it’s not unusual for the driver to be locked out of the cabin or even lose the key in the middle of the long journey. Professional help from an emergency roadside assistance provider will expedite the unlocking process and facilitate key replacement to ensure the trip resumes soonest.
  • Fuel and other fluids depletion – in the countryside, where the gas stations can be scattered, trucks can easily run out of diesel and halt the trip. You can utilize road assistance services to ensure your schedule isn’t interrupted by gas or oil depletion.

Other services that a semi-truck road assistance program includes are vehicle towing, winching, jump-starts and battery boosts, and the types of mechanical services it’s possible to render on the roadside, among many others.

What To Look For in an Emergency Roadside Provider for Semi-Trucks


Whether your truck gets stranded on city streets or in the remote countryside, help should arrive as soon as possible to avert potential losses. So why not consider a semi-truck road assistance provider with a track record of reliability in all situations? The company you select should have well-trained and experienced professionals equipped to handle the issues truck drivers encounter.

Range of services

Companies providing on-road services have different road assistance packages. For instance, some provide vehicle towing services for up to 100 miles while others only go for a maximum of 50 miles. The provider you select should have a comprehensive road assistance program for semi-truck drivers, ranging from fuel deliveries to roadside mechanical services.


A premium road assistance package can save you from incurring huge losses. However, it would be pointless if all your anticipated profit went to support services. Therefore, choose a provider with pocket-friendly charges and a reasonable billing process.

Coverage Network

Fleets ply different routes, and road assistance networks also vary. Some companies provide excellent emergency road rescue services in cities but lack coverage in the farmlands. Depending on the areas deliveries frequently take your drivers; consider a program that covers the specific regions comprehensively.

The more locations your road service provider has across the country or within a region, the wider its coverage network. If your roadside assistance company operates their own fleet of service vehicles in a specific geographic area, they can often still help with your fleet’s road service needs with coverage in other areas through their trusted network of affiliates.


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