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Semi-Truck Road Service Costs: Tips and Tricks for Fleet Managers

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Semi-Truck Road Service Costs: Tips and Tricks for Fleet Managers

When it comes to managing your fleet expenses, Semi-Truck Road Service Costs can quickly add up. Tires and fuel may be significant expenses, but maintenance costs can also eat into your budget each year. Reducing these costs not only benefits your bottom line but also prevents downtime for better customer service and lengthens asset lifespan. When searching for “commercial truck tires near me,” consider STTC for all your commercial tire needs. Here are our expert tips for managing your equipment and maximizing ROI.

Utilize Fleet Maintenance Software 

When managing a fleet, being efficient with resources is essential to control Semi-Truck Road Service Costs. Tracking preventative maintenance, scheduled repairs, and service calls on all assets can be challenging, especially for multiple vehicles. A cloud-based system provides transparency and allows for more efficient communication between team members. Use software to monitor equipment duty cycles and downtime costs, in addition to service costs. By tracking all maintenance, you can identify when to replace parts or tires to avoid costly shutdowns and maximize asset lifespan.


Use Telematics 

Telematics convey information about driver performance and vehicle utilization. This technology lets you remotely track vehicles to get a vast array of data, which you can use to create a better preventative maintenance program, increase driver efficiency, and forecast maintenance trends. Some telematics can even monitor tire pressure and life, giving you more control over your tire maintenance costs. 


Employ a Mobile Tire Service Plan 

A mobile tire service plan provides support to drivers on the road. Although many emergency repairs can be avoided with a good preventative maintenance plan, commercial trucks inevitably have to face tire blowouts or breakdowns. A mobile tire service reduces downtime, which keeps trucks on schedule, reducing complaints from customers and drivers. 


Retread Tires

Every fleet tries to get the most out of their commercial tires. One of the best ways to fully utilize the tire is to retread it before the core is damaged. According to our data, retreads represent 50% of the replacement tire market in the US. Retreads are dependable, reliable, and safe, used by truckers in almost every industry, from military to school buses, urban to long haul. Retread tires are also better for the environment, using less than one-third of the oil to manufacture over a new tire. 


Consider Alternate Fuels 

When it comes to controlling Semi-Truck Road Service Costs, biofuels and alternative fuels are worth considering. EV commercial trucks are also becoming a popular trend. Utilizing new methods of powering engines on the road can reduce costs in the long run. As you replace older vehicles, consider new vehicles that run on different fuels. While the initial cost may be higher, the whole life cost of the vehicle over its lifespan may be much less. Don’t forget to factor in potential fuel and maintenance cost savings when making this decision.


Partner with a Reliable Service Provider 

At STTC, we understand that controlling Semi-Truck Road Service Costs can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By relying on time-tested wisdom and implementing preventative maintenance strategies, you can significantly reduce breakdowns while your truck is on the road. Our products and services are designed to help you lower tire operating costs per mile, and our team has extensive knowledge on keeping your fleet’s tires in top condition. Trust STTC to help you achieve your goals and minimize service costs that can hinder your success.


Why waste time searching for “commercial truck tires near me”? Contact STTC to learn more about our tire services and preventative maintenance. 

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