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How to Select the Best Retread Truck Tire for Your Commercial Fleet

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How to Select the Best Retread Truck Tire for Your Commercial Fleet

Retread truck tires are a smart, sustainable business option that can save your fleet a lot of money. The military, schools, ambulances, and aircrafts, all use retreads safely. The key is selecting a high-quality tire retreading service that analyzes and tests each tire before retreading. If you’re considering retreading your commercial tires, here are some tips on selecting a quality tire retreading service. 

Understand the Technology 

There are many misconceptions about retread truck tires, but that was before the process became as sophisticated as it today. Retread technology has changed a lot since tire retreading began in 1912. Retread truck tires, when properly maintained and inflated, do not cause accidents. The tire remnants on the road are not all from retreads. The rubber debris you might see is from new and old tires, both retreads and not. Tires blowout from overloading and improper inflation, not because they are retreads. 


Retread Truck Tires Have to Be Done to Standards 

Tire retreading must be done according to standards established by the USDOT. The tires being retreaded today are much higher quality than just two decades ago because of advents in the manufacturing process and through the use of computers to analyze and test the tires before retreading. Tire retreads are dependable, safe, and reliable, as well as environmentally friendly when correctly made. 


Define the Application 

Selecting a retread truck tire is no different than selecting a new tire. Choose a tire that fits where and how the truck will be driving. Long-distance hauls are different from urban settings. Winter driving is much different than summer driving. Drive tires have different requirements from trailer tires. Know what truck is using the retread and what it needs. 


Work with the Dealer

Find a dealer who helps you understand their process of tire retreading to give you confidence in a good product. Take a plant tour to see the process in action because this can help you understand how tires are retreaded and why they are safe. At STTC, we use multiple inspection points throughout the retreading process to make sure the casing is suitable for retreading and to ensure the finished tire is safe for the road. 


Perform Tire Maintenance Proactively 

Retread tires need to be inspected and maintained just like new tires. Detecting tire damage quickly can prevent bigger problems down the road. Rotating tires on a regular schedule helps prevent uneven wear and tear. Proper tire care and maintenance makes sure your fleet gets the most out of their tire dollars. Retread tires need proper inflation to maintain performance and lifespan. Retreads can often be re-treaded more than once, getting even more out of your tire budget. Work with the retread dealer to have a good tire management program that tracks each tire through its lifespan.  

Get More Life Out Of Your Commercial Tires 

STTC has a team of OSHA-certified tire technicians who can help you understand the process and take you on a plant tour to see how tire retreading works. Our retreading process can keep your tires on the road longer, saving you money. 

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to learn more about our tire management program.

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