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The Safety Record of Tire Retreading -The Facts

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about commercial truck tire retreading, and it’s costing fleet managers as well as owner-operators a lot of money! There is still a widespread belief that retreading is somehow dangerous, lowers fuel efficiency, or otherwise isn’t cost effective – but that’s simply not true anymore.

Yes, there was once a time that tire retreading could be a bit problematic – but that was back in the 1980s. In the decades since, retreading has become a perfected science. It’s so reliable that manufacturers like Michelin will now offer full, like-new warranties on retreaded tires using their systems! That should tell you all you need to know. If retreads were even slightly less reliable than new tires, would tire manufacturers be offering full warranties?

No, they wouldn’t.

In the meantime, tire retreads can offer you substantial benefits over new truck tires, including:

Substantial Cost Savings

A retreaded tire costs less than half what a new tire costs! It’s exactly like getting a new tire, except you spend far less to have it done. Furthermore:

Tires Can Be Retreaded Multiple Times

The exact number will vary from tire to tire, but at a minimum, most tires can handle at least three retreads. Again, that restores them to like-new condition, and with full mileage and warranty protections attached. Over the lifetime of a truck, that can add up to huge savings – and with no compromises.

Less Environmental Impact

A lot of rubber goes into making tires, and that’s contributing to our overall over-reliance on petroleum products. Disposing of old tires can also create significant environmental and landfill hassles. Retreads don’t solve the problem entirely, but they can definitely help. A typical tire retreading uses a third of the petroleum in its manufacture than a new tire.

And, again, those environmental savings add up every time a tire is retreaded.


Each retread manufacturer offers tread designs for virtually any operating application Retreads are just as versatile as new tires.

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